Olav Stubberud, the man who dates Eva in MyLifeAsEva, is a photographer. Since the year 2020, Olav has been dating MyLifeAsEva.

MyLifeAsEva is a popular YouTuber that posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Considering she only started uploading videos to YouTube in 2011, she has amassed a massive following.

Every week, you may catch her posting new videos to her channel, which can get anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of views.

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MyLifeAsEva’s Boyfriend, Olav Stubberud

The year 2020 marked the beginning of Eva and Olav Stubberud’s relationship. Olav is also reportedly working at PRETTY AS as the Content Creator & Creative Director.

Upon entering the workforce in 2010, he first found work as Onboard Magazine’s Senior Photographer. He put in around 2 years and 7 months, during which time he excelled in both general photography and the photography of products.

From November 2015 until January 2018, he was employed by Nobel Peace Prize as a freelance event photographer. His presence at the occasion indicated his cooperation with Gyro AS.

In 2016, he contributed to The Revels Group as a freelance individual content creator. This role was his home from July 2016 to July 2019.

In addition to his time at The Reveal Group, he also worked as G-personal Easy’s photographer. Olav has experience in both roles of Creative Director and Producer.

In addition to his current full-time position, he is a freelance Content Creator & Creative Director for several companies.

Since the beginning of 2021, he has worked as a freelance YSL Beauty ambassador for Saint Laurent. He is the sole male Yves Saint Laurent beauty ambassador in the Nordic region.

Since January 2021, Olav has been employed by One Race Films as a Freelance Personal Photographer and Videographer.

Since April 2022, he’s also served as a consultant and ambassador for the Douchebags brand on a freelance basis.

Products and consulting for companies are his day jobs. In a similar vein, he collaborated on the design of the Ramverk brand of products.

His Instagram account, @basic.byolav, is similarly devoted to this cause. His postings are popular, and he has amassed 15.9 k followers.

All About MyLifeAsEva Relationship In Detail

MyLifeAsEva Since March in the year 2020, Eva and Olav have been an item. There were whispers that she had dumped Olav for Brent, but the couple is still very much together.

In an interview, she and Brent are close, almost like siblings, but they had never dated. The two have been very vocal about their feelings for one another. They frequently tag each other in Instagram posts.

In 2020, she wrote on Instagram that she “was never one to believe in love at first sight” but that she knew she was in love with Olav the moment she laid eyes on him, even though they were separated by only 20 feet of crowded space.

To her, he represented something unique and special. They looked wonderful together in the photos she had shared with him.

They are observed engaging in normal pair activities, such as dressing similarly. According to an Instagram post made by Eva, he is fond of dressing similarly to her.

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The pair appears content, and MyLifeAsEva has said that Olav is a major source of joy in her life. They frequently take travels and holidays together.

In August of 2022, they travelled together to Oslo for Fashion Week, an event they both found exciting and entertaining. Eva posted her travel images to Instagram for all to see.

Olav has been just as open about his feelings for her, sharing a video of him telling her she’s his girl. Olav was observed sending out New Year’s greetings and photos of him and his partner Eva, recalling the greatest moments from 2022 and sharing them with the world.

In the YSL Beauty ad, he was also seen with Eva. The couples plan to continue their strong relationships and have new wonderful experiences together this year.

Know More About MyLifeAsEva

In just over a decade, YouTuber MyLifeAsEva has amassed millions of followers. On July 29, 1994, she entered the world in Orange County, California.

She carries a mix of Latino (Puerto Rican) and Polish ancestry. She also has an Instagram account called the frame house, which focuses on home design and curation.

She creates vlogs in which she discusses her regular activities and skits in which she acts out her fantasies. She has amassed 11.3 million members to her MyLifeAsEva channel, which has been viewed at 1,536,878,719.

She hopes her channel will bring joy to people’s lives and help them through difficult times. These are just a few of her most-watched videos on the channel:

  1. One of the most popular videos, with 50 million views, is “literally my life.”
  2. You in High School vs. You as a Kid: Relationships (38 Million Views)
  3. You in High School vs. Your Younger Self: 32 Million Views
  4. You in High School vs. You as a Kid, Your First Relationship: 31 Million Views
  5. I Was an Assault Victim: 21 Million Views

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