Mykee Selkin is one of the actors in the upcoming movie Designing Christmas. 

The next romantic holiday movie stars a man in his forties as Jack Hale. A romantic holiday movie named Designing Christmas will be released in November, right before Christmas.

Michael J. Murray wrote the film’s screenplay, and Patt Mills served as the director. Interior designer Stella and constructor Pablo, who works for Jessica Szohr and Marco Grazzini, are the story’s protagonists.

Despite not being a real couple, Stella and Pablo, who co-hosts the restoration show House Sweet Home, have pleased viewers and homeowners for the past six years.

Stella Murphy is portrayed by Jessica Szohr, Pablo Belmonte by Marco Grazzini, Jack Hale by Mykee Selkin, Gabe by Leighton Williams, Sue Murphy by Fiona Highet, Zoe by Nicole Power, and Freddy by Hilary Farr.

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What Is Mykee Selkin Age? His Wikipedia Bio

The Designing Christmas cast, which includes Mykee Selkin, ranges in age from 40 to 42.

Photographs show them all to be roughly 6 feet tall. Selkin has been performing professionally since 2009, according to LinkedIn.

Mykee began modeling for Wilhelmina in 2017. He concentrated on his nutrition, exercise, complexion, hair, and general health while he was there.

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Selkin places a high priority on preserving his physical health, and his Instagram is overflowing with images of him doing out.

Before breaking his left collarbone during practice, Mykee was a member of his high school’s wrestling team. In commercials for Gap, Hanes, BMW, GQ, and Men’s Health, the actor has been featured.

Mykee made the majority of his cinematic appearances after 2000. The Twenties, A Candlelit Christmas, and A Chance for Christmas are a few of his movies.

NameMykee Selkin

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Meet Mykee Selkin Wife And Children 

The parents of a single child are Mykee Selkin and Dene Logan. His wife identifies as a writer, coach, facilitator, therapist, and writer.

Selkin regularly shares photos of his baby on social media to demonstrate his devotion to him. The cute son of Dene and Selkin likes spending time with them.

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Dene’s viewpoint has totally altered since the birth of their child. Logan, who just admitted that she had put off having children for such a long time, is now loving being a mom.

Everyone can listen to Dene’s podcast “cheaper than therapy,” which covers the same topics as therapy. She adds that she and Mykee had broken up and are now great friends, in line with Logan’s assertion.

She remarked that things seemed much easier once they were able, to be honest with us and allow our connection to develop into a friendship.

WifeDene Logan

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Some Quick Facts About Mykee Selkin

  1. Selkin routinely posts to Instagram. Under the handle @mykeeselkin, Mykee has over 24k followers and over 400 online publications.
  2. Vegan is Mykee. On his Instagram bio, he describes himself as a vegan.
  3. He recently appeared in a 23-second-long Audi commercial that focused on comfort.
  4. Mykee and his ex-wife are still close friends even though they co-parent their son.
  5. Selkin also had an appearance in BMW commercials; at the time, his hair was long.
  6. The actor enjoys taking leisurely trips and has been to France and Japan.

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