Who is Mustangsally1989 On TikTok? @mustangsally1989 Age Real Name And Instagram

Recently, Mustangsally1989 has been gaining the attention of many people on TikTok. 

On the account @mustangsally1989, a video of the family kneeling before the American flag went viral. As a result, many comments and duets followed, the majority of which were hostile and insulting.

The original version of the @mustangsally1989 video is still accessible as of right now on TikTok. However, the video has also been posted by other TikTok accounts, and those versions feature many stitches and duets.

We can infer three different types of reactions to the video from the duets in the video uploaded by @mustangsally1989: acerbic, religiously enhanced, and supportive.

Keep reading this post to discover more about @mustangsally1989, their video, and their real identity.

Who is Mustangsally1989 On TikTok?

They were a devoted Trump supporter and a patriotic family, according to the TikTok content Mustangsally1989 produced. The latter may be true of their TikTok program, which attracted people’s attention initially.

Currently, @mustangsally1989 is not accessible online. However, there are a ton of duets on TikTok that were inspired by a video @mustangsally1989 produced in 2020 of their family prostrating themselves before the American flag in the TikTok sound which logically implied that they were worshiping the flag.

The original version of the video is not available online, despite its republished version also getting attention.

The song “2020” by Mitch Rossell was made into a music video and released. The song’s lyrics were written by Rossell as a prayer to God to protect America from the harm that its citizens’ brains were producing.

@lindseycraft5 #duet with @mustangsally1989 ♬ 2020 – Mitch Rossell

Only a small group of people could stomach @mustangsally1989’s demonstration of unwavering patriotism and religiosity, a patriotic song in and of itself (based on the hashtags they used on the video).

The remaining viewers claimed that the movie was funny, awkward, and cringe-inducing while also disrespecting Christianity. You pray to God, not to the flag, several Christians and other religious supporters remarked in duets or comments on the video.

@mustangsally1989 Age And Real Name

Little is known about @mustangsally1989 because their TikTok account has already been removed.

They may have been born in 1989, and Sally Mustang or Mustang Sally is likely their real name, according to their now-deleted TikTok handle @mustangsally1989. It suggests that they might be 34 years old by 2022. But this is only a guess.

The video also implies that @mustangsally1989 is the fifth member of a Christian family. Therefore, we can assume that the account @mustangsally1989 belongs to the man who appears to be in charge of the video.

@mustangsally1989 Twitter And Instagram Account

On Twitter or Instagram, there is no @mustangsally1989 account. On Twitter, there are, however, very few sporadic discussions regarding @mustangsally1989.


“This is sacrificing to fake gods, isn’t it? possibly the worst sins in the Bible?” One of the Twitter users commented on a post that was later removed. Likely the same trending @mustangsally1989 TikTok video.

Most of the criticism against Mustangsally1989 was directed at the since-deleted Twitter account @cristweetsllc. However, since the account has already been deleted, it is unlikely that any accurate information is even known.

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