Murder: Dentist Larry Rudolph Wife Bianca Rudolph: What Happened To Her In Zambia Safari?

On July 29, 2022, the final legal arguments in Biana Rudolph’s murder trial were presented.

According to federal authorities, Larry Rudolph fatally shot his wife Bianca on October 11, 2016, while they were on a safari in Zambia.

Before the jury, Larry argued that his wife’s death in 2016 at the end of a safari trip to Africa was a sad incident rather than that he killed her so he could be with his lover, Lori Milliron.

In a case involving dentist Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph and his late wife Bianca Rudolph, a third party, Mrs. Milliron, has appeared in court alongside a different attorney.

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Murder: What Happened To Bianca Rudolph In Zambia Safari?

Big game hunter Bianca Rudolph traveled to Africa in search of a leopard. After being inadvertently shot by her rifle, she was found dead in an urn at home.

At least, that’s what she claimed happened, according to her husband, Dr. Lawrence Rudolf. However, federal investigators hold a different viewpoint.

Dr. Rudolph claimed to have heard a gunshot from the couple’s bedroom while in the cabin’s bathroom and reported this to the Zambian police.

He claimed that when investigating the noises, he found Ms. Rudolph bleeding profusely on the ground.

Dr. Rudolph demanded almost $5 million in insurance coverage following the couple’s disastrous vacation to Zambia in 2016.

One of the hunting guides staying in the region allegedly stated in court documents that he “recalled finding a spent shotshell and the shotgun on the ground. The weapon container was only half closed, concealing a shotgun.

According to The Independent, Dr. Rudolph allegedly attempted to “defraud life insurance companies” by fabricating the cause of his wife’s passing to collect the benefit.

After Ms. Rudolph passed away, a “friend” went to the FBI office in Pretoria, South Africa, and requested that they look into the incident more thoroughly since they thought “foul play” might have been involved.

Where Is Bianca Rudolph Husband Larry Rudolph Now?

While he waits for the commencement of his trial, Larry Rudolph, Bianca Rudolph’s husband, is being detained in a Colorado state prison.

On January 4, he was taken into custody and charged with murder and fraud in connection with the passing of his wife in 2016.

He is being kept in Colorado rather than his state, which puts him in danger of catching Covid-19, according to his legal team, who are pleading for his immediate release. They are also against his confinement there.

The prosecution denied the request on Monday because Dr. Rudolph’s legal team was headquartered in Miami rather than Phoenix, as he had anticipated.

Dentist Larry Rudolph Girlfriend Lori Milliron

According to evidence given to the FBI by a manager at the dental clinic, the focus, Lori Milliron, was identified as Lawrence Rudolph’s “girlfriend of 15 to 20 years” three years after Bianca passed away.

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According to sources, Milliron (who was 64 at the time) began working at Three Rivers Dental, Larry Rudolph’s dental office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2003.

In 2004, they began their global journey together. According to Milliron’s attorney, they used to travel “at least 65 days a year,” but stopped in 2009.

Milliron was supposed to be Rudolph’s close friend, but according to the Gazette, the two started dating as soon as Rudolph lost his wife.

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