America Ochoa, better known as Ms. Krazie, is a 34-year-old rapper from the United States. She stood out from other artists thanks to her unique voice and appearance.

Krazie is well-known for being a Crazy Wife singer who focuses primarily on daily life, relationships, and Latin pride and performs anything from passionate love songs to tense, combative Stormers.

She gained notoriety after her debut album, “Brown is Beautiful,” was released in 2006. As her father loved music and supported her during these years, she started her music career in her early teens.

Ms. Krazie Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Real Name, Partner, And Net Worth Details
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Ms. Krazie Real Name And Wikipedia Details

Ms. Krazie, whose real name is America Ochoa, is 34 years old. Mexican rapper and musician Krazie was raised in a musical household. So when she first heard the songs of Monterrey rap legends Control Machete, she became passionate about music.

Her father loved the music of Santana and used to play the electric guitar. In the singer’s words, he has always been a rocker and has supported her in her musical endeavors. He was a terrific source of encouragement and consistently had faith in her. She still has a Santana-based family.

On Instagram, she posted a photo of herself and her father from when she was younger and praised him for being the step ladder to her success. She felt privileged to be his daughter, who encouraged her to set higher goals for herself.

 What Is Ms. Krazie Net Worth?

According to buzzlearn, Ms. Krazie is between $1 million and $5 million. It is not a verified assessment and could vary by a few million dollars, albeit several sources claim different amounts, so it is not a consensus.

The rapper met Don Abusivo after relocating to the US, and he introduced her to the Urban Kings record company. After joining them, she released her debut single, Brown is Beautiful, in 2006.

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Firme Homegirl Oldies (2007), Smile Now Cry Never (2008), Firme Homegirl Oldies, Vol. 2 (2010), and Forgive Not Forget were her subsequent albums (2012). Her numerous songs were included in compilations by Urban Kings, and the public responded well to them.

She distinguishes herself from other musicians by focusing primarily on ordinary life, relationships, and Latin pride, ranging from passionate love songs to tense, combative Stormers.

Additionally, she and MC Magic worked together on the 2008 song “Let Me Love You,” which got 13 k YouTube likes.

Ms. Krazie Partner: Is She Married?

Ms. Krazie posted several photos of herself and her boyfriend on social media, but he was never identified. Her buddy had some tattoos on his face, giving him a rugged guy appearance.

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However, the couple appeared madly in love and cherished one other to the fullest extent. The youngest of the singer’s three children, Santana, is also a blessing.

She claimed that her dad was a major Santana fan, so she considered giving her daughter this name. Krazie noted that her father would appreciate that she knew Santana’s importance to him.

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