Executive and reality television personality Monika Tu is of Chinese and Australian ancestry. 

She is the Co-Founder and Director of the Diamondz Group and a contestant on Season 2 of Luxe Listings Sydney.

She co-founded another Diamondz Group with her spouse, Jad Khattar. In Season 2 of Luxe Listings Sydney, Monika Tu is marketing some luxurious homes to her illustrious customers.

She was accompanied by D’Leanne Lewis, Gavin Rubinstein, and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen from Season 1 of the Luxe Listings Sydney real estate lifestyle reality series, premiered on Amazon Prime Video on July 9, 2021.

Gavin Rubenstein, Simon Cohen, and D’Leanne Lewis are real estate brokers followed in the six-part series as they hustle, haggle, and deal to prosper in the Sydney real estate market.

Monika Tu Earnings, Net Worth, Salary, Wikipedia, Biography, Husband, And Social Media Profiles
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Monika Tu Earnings, Net Worth, And Salary

Several sources claim Monika Tu has a net worth of $100 million due to her prosperous business career. However, for her great sense of initiative and ability to see chances where others fail, Monica is known.

When she arrived in Australia, she didn’t have a place to live, so she started Diamondz Property Concierge to help newcomers settle in.

Every year, Diamondz, Monika’s business, sells land for more than $200 million, and in the first three months of 2020, it profited $85 million. Given her profession, she has earned a sizable wealth in this way.

Monika has succeeded in a field where men predominate, and honesty, dependability, and wisdom are crucial.

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With her unique customer connection and communication method, Monika has defied expectations and rewritten the rules.

As a result, hundreds of business owners worldwide have been inspired, which has helped reposition women’s positions in the workplace.

The founder and director of the Diamondz Group, Monika Tu, is a well-known and multi-award-winning businessperson and entrepreneur.

Net Worth$100 million

Monika Tu Wikipedia Details

Monika finished her higher education in 1982 at the Sichuan Foreign Language Institute, but at age 25, she relocated to Australia to attend RMIT University in Melbourne to study international trade.

In her early years in Melbourne, she struggled with her English and was forced to work long shifts as a waitress and even sell cosmetics to make ends meet.

Tu told DailyMail that she undertook any chore, even washing dishes for 12 hours every day of the week, while she was a student at RMIT since she didn’t consider any work to be small or large.

She founded LASER Corporation in a Surry Hills garage in 1987 while still a college student to import and sell 5.25′′ floppies and storage containers.

Monika relocated to Sydney and began developing her first business, LASER Corporation, after receiving her degree from RMIT University in 1992. This marked the start of her career as a full-time businessperson.

Tu retired in 2007 after 20 years of success with her first company and began an opulent lifestyle with her daughter Maylin Liu.

NameMonika Tu
Other NameTu Yanling
Birth Date1963
Age59 years as of 2022

Details On Monika Tu’s Career In Diamond Business

Since Monica didn’t have a place to live when she first arrived in Australia, she founded Diamondz Property Concierge to help newcomers adjust to life in the country.

Monica is recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to see opportunities where others do not.

When Tu founded Diamondz Property, she had no idea how to acquire listings or sell, but she quickly discovered her strength was in locating a buyer.

She connected with a wealthy Chinese client looking to buy upmarket property in Australia at the time through a friend, and she ultimately sold the Chinese buyer a $13.5 million house.

Diamond Group, which started with just two employees, employs over 35 today, including Jad Khattar, the company’s co-founder and Monika Tu’s husband.

HometownGuizhou, China
Lives InSydney, Australia

Who Is Monika Tu’s Husband?

Jad Khattar, Monika’s adoring and devoted spouse, and she are happily wed. She is also blessed with her daughter Maylin Liu, born on July 2, 2000, following her marriage to Jad Khattar.

Maylin Liu was a former property manager and sales administrator at Diamondz Group and currently works as an executive assistant at DiJones Real Estate.

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Chinese real estate agent from Guizhou One of Australia’s top real estate brokers is Monika Tu. Tu left Shenzhen in 1988 for a better education and a more promising future.

Tu worked seven days a week while attending RMIT to study international trade, wash as a waitress, and sell cosmetics to make ends meet.

Despite being born in the Chinese province of Guizhou in 1963, Monika Tu, also known as Tu Yanling, the founder of the Diamondz Group, attended Lee-Davis High School.

HusbandJad Khattar
DaughterMaylin Liu
Known ForLuxe Listings Sydney

Meet Monika Tu On Social Media

A well-known businesswoman named Monika Tu is active on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and she also has a presence on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is crucial to know her visibility on social media platforms.

Speaking of her Instagram account, she uses the username @monikatu88 and has 2.7k posts, 1.7k followings, and 24.3k followers. Her on-site public display of engagement is impressive.

She used to post constantly about her company. A link in her bio leads anyone wishing to buy from her to the information about her business, which is supplemented with that information. She has thoroughly discussed each item that is being offered.

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Unfortunately, Monika Tu does not use Twitter, but numerous supporters have publicly shared her information online. Additionally, Monika Tu often updates her Facebook page under the name Monika Tu with details about her and her business.

Monika, who came from humble origins, became one of Australia’s leading authorities on luxury real estate and lifestyle, helping local and international clients with exceptionally high net worths who want to move to Australia or make significant acquisitions.

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