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Rob Kramer and gorgeous sugar baby junkie Monica Fairview were injured in an Atlanta, Georgia, stabbing. The incident was discussed on Investigation Discovery’s “Wives With Knives: Can’t Buy Me, Love.”

Wives with Knives‘ is an American documentary television program created by David Frank of Indigo Films that airs on Investigation Discovery. There have been numerous reports of women committing crimes against their partners. The program delves into the events leading up to the attack and how Monica Fairview, Rob Kramer’s ex-wife, planned it.

Monica meets men like Rob to maintain her lavish lifestyle. However, due to Rob’s need for total control and Monica’s penchant for drama, the two get into a physical altercation that ends with Monica stabbing Rob in the back.

Where Is Monica Fairview Murderer Now? Rob Kramer Stabbing On ‘Wives With Knives’

Monica Fairview appears to be a Decatur, Texas-based real estate broker. In March 2013, she was sentenced to eight years in prison after a jury found her guilty of serious assault. However, Monica was eventually granted her freedom.

According to the show, after being released from the hospital, Rob made another attempt at reconciliation with Monica. They didn’t last long, though, because he eventually lied under oath to defend her.

Rob does not appear to be employed at the moment, but he is a resident of Frisco, Texas. Monica Fairview was already divorced and fighting for custody of her child when she met Rob.

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They got along so well that they decided to marry in December 1998. A little more than a year later, the couple gave birth to their daughter.

Monica began dating again after divorcing Rob. In July 2009, Rob showed up on one of Monica’s vacations. Monica had remarried and was visiting Rob in Atlanta, Georgia, for a short time in 2011.

Monica Fairview Atlanta Dateline Details

Monica Fairview and her brother attended a concert on September 24, 2011. Monica had informed Rob that she would be taking their child. When he returned home later, he was upset because Monica had left their daughter home.

Rob then texted her that he was evicting her from the house. It occurred sometime in the early hours of September 25, 2011.

When Monica returned home, according to her eleven-year-old daughter, she allegedly promised to “stab him if I had to” before exiting the house while flashing a knife in her waistband.

She paused the action in the courtyard for a moment before stabbing him once with a hunting knife. Witnesses had already dialed 911 at that point. Rob was thankfully saved after being rushed to the hospital.

Who Is Monica Fairview Husband? Husband & Family Details

Monica Fairview’s ex-husband was Rob Kramer. Monica’s family is little known on the internet. She has a daughter with Rob.

According to eyewitness accounts, Rob was covered in blood when Monica punched him. Rob was thankfully saved after being rushed to the hospital.

Monica was stopped while taking her toddler for a walk. She had also videotaped the entire assault, which harmed her legal case. During the altercation, Rob allegedly avoided physical contact with the other party.

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