Currently, ESPN employs Molly Qerim. She previously served as host of NFL Fantasy Live and NFL AM, the NFL’s network morning shows.

Interviewing athletes and celebrities for ESPN.com and ESPN Mobile, Qerim has also contributed to other digital media material.

In a field where men predominate, the 33-year-old sportscaster has built a successful career for herself. The fact that she did so while suffering from endometriosis, a condition that affects reproductive health in which uterine tissue grows unnaturally outside the uterus, is still unknown to many.

When Qerim first began to feel symptoms, she didn’t know what was hurting her. When Qerim was 26 years old, her endometriosis diagnosis was confirmed following two ultrasounds and a laparoscopic procedure.

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Molly Qerim’s Weight Loss Journey

Due to her remarkable weight loss journey, Molly Qerim is currently in the news.

The TV star’s battle with endometriosis was the primary factor in her weight rise, not terrible eating habits or unneeded weight gain.
Seven years ago, Molly Qerim received her initial endometriosis diagnosis. She explained, “It all built up into a cyst, which exploded. And all of the poisons appeared overnight in her body.

( Source : Thefocus )

In order to cure her endometriosis, Lupron was prescribed to Qerim, but the side effects were too severe. It triggered the menopause in Molly’s body. She gained a lot of weight and then lost it.

Molly Qerim Diet And Workout Plan

Molly Qerim has had success thanks to the ideal dietary and exercise regimen.

Qerim also said that in order to enhance her health, she modified her diet and stopped consuming alcohol, sugar, and processed foods. She acknowledges that while she intends to cut back on her coffee consumption in the future, she hasn’t “kicked that habit just yet.”

Molly Qerim After Her Weight Loss With Her Trainer
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On YouTube, Molly also recounted her experience and talked about how difficult it was to deal with the sickness and its side effects.

The primary objectives of Qerim’s 12-week workout regimen are to add lean muscle and lose fat. Qerim also adheres to a stringent diet plan.

How Much Weight Has Molly Qerim Lost?

She has acquired about 1 kg of lean muscle while losing close to 8 lb of body fat, according to a tweet from Molly Qerim’s trainer.

Since Molly only completed the first three weeks of her 12-week fitness schedule, she may have already shed more fat than she had anticipated.

After Molly learned more about her condition, she adjusted her diet, concentrated on leading a healthy lifestyle, and took her meds as prescribed. All of these actions assisted Qerim in losing weight.

In addition to getting enough sleep and moving about, Qerim changed her diet to cut out foods that made her endometriosis symptoms worse.

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