Molly Meldrum Partner: Yan Wongngam Bio, Wikipedia, Family Ans Siblings Details

Yan Wongngam, a businessman and partner of Molly Meldrum, is one of the firm’s owners. Yan and Molly first connected while working out in a Thai gym.

As Ian Alexander Meldrum, Molly is a legend in the Australian music scene. He’s worked in the music industry for decades at various points as a journalist, record producer, and entrepreneur.

From 1974 through 1987, he was a regular on the hit music show Countdown, where his signature Stetson hat made him instantly recognizable.

Since the mid-1960s, when he began contributing to the monthly adolescent journal Go-Set, Meldrum has been an integral part of the local music scene.

He has produced hit records for artists, including Russell Morris. Meldrum had a terrible accident at his house in December 2011 when he fell off a ladder and sustained head and spinal injuries.

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Molly Meldrum’s Partner: Yan Wongngam

Yan Wongngam and Molly Meldrum have been together for nearly 30 years. Their first encounter was in a Thai gym, where Yan Wongngam and Molly became fast friends.

When they first met needs to be clarified. However, Meldrum mentioned in a July 2021 interview with New Idea that they had known each other for decades.

As the COVID-19 epidemic spread, it became increasingly difficult for the pair to keep up their long-distance relationship. Meldrum’s Thai connections extended far and wide, including a second house and a sizable extended family.

He admitted that being apart was painful but looked forward to the day when borders were lifted so they could be together again.

The pair had been together for a long time but had no intention of tying the knot. Meldrum told Daily life in an interview that year that he and his partner saw no need to get married.

He said that marriage between people of the same sex was acceptable but that they didn’t want to do it. Despite the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship while also dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, Molly and Yan have been together for nearly 30 years and are still very much in love.

This couple was so devoted to one another that they felt they didn’t need a wedding vow to prove their love and devotion.

Meldrum eagerly awaited the day he could be reunited with his better half, and he had many friends and relatives in Thailand.

Inside Molly Meldrum’s Family

Molly Meldrum, with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, make up his family of five. His dad, Robert Meldrum, enlisted in the army as a sergeant during World War II, and his mom, Isobel Elizabeth, was already pregnant when they married in August 1940.

Brian and Robert Meldrum were Alexander’s younger brothers. Meldrum’s childhood was marked by frequent relocation; he spent significant time with his grandmother in Quambatook, where he attended elementary school with future country music star John Williamson.

He spent his childhood with several aunts and was educated in the Anglican faith. Meldrum’s early exposure to music inspired an appreciation for the works of Gilbert & Sullivan and Verdi.

While his mother battled mental illness and spent time in a mental institution in the mid-1960s, his father owned a hardware business in Kyabram. Meldrum overcame obstacles like these to achieve fame as a music writer, TV host, and record producer.

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Famous for his work as a music critic and host of the long-running Australian music show Countdown (1974–1987), he has gained widespread recognition in Australia and beyond.

Throughout his career, Meldrum has been an outspoken advocate for Australian music, helping to raise awareness and expose the work of countless local musicians. In Australia, he is still held in high regard as a musician who has devoted his life to his craft.

Meldrum’s adoptive son, Morgan Scholes, is an adult. Morgan and his family (Crystal Scholes and their son, Meldrum’s grandson) are presently residing abroad.

Molly Meldrum’s Brother

Brother Brian Meldrum has been an editor, writer, and racing and golf journalist. He has covered several different beats in journalism, including auto racing and golf, with much success.

Brian’s work has received much acclaim from his peers, and his professional competence has made him an invaluable journalist resource.

Robert Meldrum is Meldrum’s younger brother, and he is an actor, director, and teacher. Robert has established himself as a respected actor, director, and educator in the field of the performing arts.

With years of expertise under his belt, he also brings originality of thought and flair to his projects. Robert’s commitment and love for the arts shine through in his creations, and he never ceases to amaze those around him.

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