A social media celebrity named Juhayna Djebara recently found herself at the center of a debate when she received criticism for sharing a photo with Taehyung.

Debra is a content producer on social media and a rising celebrity. She has 25.5k followers on her TikTok account, where she is primarily well-known for her content.

She has about 24.6k followers on Instagram and is also quite well-liked. On her TikTok account, she creates various dancing and trending TikTok videos, and on her Instagram account, she shares beautiful photos of herself.

Taehyung and Juhayna Djebara Controversy

Juhayna recently shared a photo of herself with Kim Taehyung, a well-known BTS vocalist, on her Twitter page. She tweeted about her love for Taehyung and how she thought he was the most beautiful person before she posted the picture.

The BTS fans, however, were unimpressed by her posting with Taehyung. So they didn’t waste any time finding Juhayna’s earlier tweets about BTS.


Johanna made allegations about BTS in several tweets, claiming that the group takes advantage of people for their fame and is not a decent human being.

She also commented on Taehyung’s selfie, saying, “I detest you.” Fans immediately brought these tweets to their attention and were adamant that Juhayna was using BTS solely for fame and that she was not the fan she claimed to be.

Numerous BTS fans attacked Juhayna on Twitter over her latest photo with Taehyung and the previously offensive messages she had sent. However, the bulk of Juhayna’s Twitter followers was unimpressed by her earlier tweets.

Juhayna Djebara’s Response To Criticism?

Juhayna has also been exchanging arguments with the BTS stans to voice her opinion on previous events. However, she clarified that she still supports BTS and adores Kim Taehyung.

She said that her “I hate you” comment on the image of Taehyung was sarcastic and that she was trying to be playful with the artist.

She further asserted that she was not disparaging the Korean boy band and would never openly disparage anyone. She continued by discussing her mental health problems and how she was not in the proper frame of mind to handle the entire incident.

Debra then advised the audience to be extra cautious when criticizing others online since mental health is crucial, and you never know how it can influence a person.

Where is the Wikipedia page for Juhayna Djebara? Her Biography is a Review

There is currently no Wikipedia entry for Juhayna. She is a social media influencer and content developer. However, she hasn’t yet appeared in any major media outlets.

However, on websites like Instagram and TikTok, her fame is rising quickly. She has, however, received a lot of harsh criticism on Twitter.

People with mental health. Please pause before saying anything hurtful to someone you don’t know and attempt to change your stories and settings. It is hazardous. Because of online harassment, people have adverse outcomes. Please, all love 3

Nevertheless, the model is beautiful, talented, and has a way of grabbing the attention of her followers. She appears to be developing quickly and works as a model and a content provider. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her personal life on the internet.

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