MMA: Robert Lawler Long Hair Look Transformation And Hair Fall Condition

After more than ten years of seeing Robert Lawler with a bald head, the fans are now curious to know how the boxer appeared with long hair.

They have recently become interested in learning about the athlete’s earlier iterations. For example, they now wonder what he looked like before growing his hair and having a different demeanor.

American MMA fighter Robert Lawler is well-known for his matches in the UFC and other combat competitions.

Since 2001, he has competed at the top level, earning numerous awards. Lawler has won numerous more honors in Strikeforce, PRIDE, and the IFL, in addition to being a former UFC Welterweight Champion and EliteXC Middleweight Champion.

Thanks to these accolades and recognitions, he is a massive personality in MMA fighting and tournaments. On social media, the sportsman has more than 600,000 followers who follow him and receive regular updates on his life.

MMA: Robert Lawler Long Hair And Look Transformation

The image of Robert Lawler from his boxing profile posted below shows how he appeared with long hair.

The image was stolen from Sherdog, a website renowned for the extensive data it holds on various boxers. It is uncertain when the photograph was taken. However, it was probably taken at least 15 years ago.

Robert, like everyone else, had long natural hair at the beginning of his MMA career, but as he grew older and matured, the fighter finally experienced hair loss. As a result, the athlete’s appearance has altered throughout his career, and his dressing taste has also evolved.

Robert Lawler Hair Fall Condition Explained

At the beginning of his career, Robert Lawler experienced a natural hair loss problem that caused him to lose his hair.

In his 20s, the fighter noticed a slow balding of his hair. The condition worsened over the years as he went through numerous stages of hair loss, eventually being bald in front of his head. The specifics of the condition’s nature remain unknown.

Although the material is not categorized, it appears that Lawler chose to maintain his natural hair color rather than undergo a hair transplant operation. In response to some inquiries, it is assumed that the problem is the latter, whether it is his style or a natural hair loss.

What Happened To MMA Fighter Robert Lawler?

Throughout his lengthy career, Robert Lawler has reportedly experienced several injuries, although none have been significant or long-lasting.

Robert has almost certainly sustained some severe cuts and injuries throughout his career as a fighter. His Wikipedia page lists every kind of severe harm he endured at various points. For example, he sustained a thumb injury in 2015 and a hip injury in 2003.

In addition, the Wiki page shows Robert’s hand injury from 2019 and other less severe wounds. None of them are thought to be long-lasting or to have an impact on the warrior in the long run.

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