Mitchie Brusco, a professional skateboarder, is thought to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. Professional skateboarder Mitchell “Mitchie” Brusco represents the United States.

He began skating at three in Kirkland, Washington, gaining the moniker “Little Tricky” and establishing himself as a young skateboarding prodigy.

The 1260 trick, which calls for the skateboarder to make three and a half rotations in the air before coming to rest, was performed for the first time by Brusco in a competition. Additionally, he was the holder of the 1080 and 900 records.

Mitchie Brusco Net Worth, Parents And Family Names
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In this post, Get To Know about Mitchie Brusco’s Net Worth, Parents, Family And Early Life details.

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Quick Facts About Mitchie Brusco

Full NameMitchell Brusco
Date Of BirthFebruary 20th, 1997
Place Of BirthKirkland, Washington
Age25 years
Height6 ft 1 inches
ProfessionProfessional Skateboarder

Mitchie Brusco Early Life Details

Before turning four, Little Tricky had competed in around 75 skateboarding competitions. Then, when Brusco was five years old, in 2002, he took first place in a neighbourhood competition for young people who were eight years old or younger.

He participated in the 2002 Gravity Games, thanks to his victory. The same year, his family hired a lawyer to represent him.

Due to his amazing skating abilities and tactics, the extremely gifted skateboarder is always in the media limelight. Little Tricky has a respectable amount of skateboarding experience and has always loved the sport.

How Much Is Mitchie Brusco Net Worth?

Little Tricky, also known as professional skateboarder Mitchell Brusco, is thought to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. One of the wealthiest skateboarders in America, Brusco enjoys an abundant way of living.

His annual salary as a professional skateboarder is about $64168. In addition, little Tricky is the owner of a luxurious home, luxury automobiles, and other items.

With his years of training and experience in the sport, skateboarder Brusco has established a strong name for himself. Every time he appears on the field, his incredible stunts astound the crowd.

He thinks skateboards have always been his secret weapon for maturing and becoming a better version of himself. As a result, Mitchell continues to devote most of his time to self-training and practice.

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Despite being one of the best skateboarders, he believes he still has a long way to go and continues to put in a lot of effort each day to establish himself as a more prominent figure in skateboarding history.

On his social media channels, Brusco rarely shows off his skills. Instead, every Instagram post he makes is about skateboards and his amazing skating abilities.

In addition to becoming one of the most well-known skateboarders, Mitchell has had a short life that is meaningful to him. Little Tricky also assists those battling depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

As much as he encourages physical health, Tricky also supports mental health. He frequently discusses the value of mental health and its effects on a person’s life.

Young, gifted skaters worldwide who practice daily to emulate him find immense motivation in him. Mitchell inspires them to put in a lot of effort to better themselves and never give up on their goals.

Mitchie Brusco Parents And Family Details

On February 20, 1997, Mitchie was born into the world thanks to the Brusco family, Mick and Jennifer. When he was 3, he began skating after seeing a skateboard for sale at Target.

He is the fourth of his parents’ five children. His mother began taking Brusco to skateparks after noticing him skating around the house.

The neighbourhood skate business “Trickwood,” which was Brusco’s first sponsor, pushed him to join their community skate team after being amazed by his talent at such a young age. At the skate shop, Brusco adopted the title “Little Tricky.”

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In July 2011, Brusco was the second skateboarder to complete a 900 on a significant ramp. The youngest person to terminate a 900 at the time was 14-year-old Brusco, who held the mark until Tom Schaar, just 12 years old, broke it in October of the same year.

Brusco achieved history at the X Games XVIII’s Big Air skateboard competition by landing the first-ever 900.

On May 17, 2013, Brusco made history by becoming the third person to win the Big Air competition at the X Games and landing a successful 1080 on the MegaRamp.

In 2018, during the big air competition at the X Games Minneapolis, he pulled off his second 1080 and captured his first X Games gold medal. Then, in an event for big air skateboarding in August 2019, Brusco became the first skateboarder to land 1260.

Some FAQs About Mitchie Brusco

How many siblings does Mitchie Brusco have?

 Mitchie Brusco has four siblings. 

What is the nickname of Mitchie Brusco?

Little Tricky is the nickname of Mitchie Brusco. 

What is the age of Mitchie Brusco?

Mitchie Brusco is 25 years old. 

For which country does Mitchie Brusco play?

Mitchie Brusco plays for the United States. 

When did Brusco become the first skateboarder to land 1260 in a Big Air contest?

Brusco became the first skateboarder in history to land a 1260 (three full and one-half revolutions) in a Big Air contest in August 2019. 

At what age did Mitchie Brusco become the youngest person to complete a 900?

Mitchie Brusco became the youngest person to complete a 900 at 14.

 When did Mitchie Brusco win his first X Games gold medal?

Mitchie Brusco won his first X Games gold medal in 2018.

Is Mitchie Brusco married?

No, Mitchie Brusco is not married yet.

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