Mike Murillo Car Crash And Health Update: When Did The Accident Take Place?

Ryan Martin, a fellow Street Outlaws driver, and Mike Murillo recently had a race when Mike Murillo’s car caught fire.

Mike has already been involved in incidents similar to this. He drove his car into the guard rail three times in 2015. Mike has been leading a risky lifestyle since a few years ago.

Although Mike initially loved football, he discovered drag racing at 17 as his genuine passion.

Mike’s wife and grandchildren frequently feature on his Instagram page, but at this point, street racing and vehicles are his only real interests.

Mike will appear in new episodes of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery!

Mike Murillo Car Crash And Health Update: When Did The Accident Take Place?
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Continue reading the article to learn about his Car Crash And Health updates.

Details On Mike Murillo Car Crash

On September 23, 2022, Mike Murillo and Ryan Martin were taking part in a significantly damaged vehicle. While driving Lafawnduh in the No Prep Super Bowl Border Race at Edinburg Raceway in Texas, Mike was involved in a collision.

However, Murillo was discovered in a secure building in perfect shape. Given the circumstances, he seems a little perplexed. Unfortunately, his car can’t be said to be identical. He was able to escape the burning car after the collision.

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Some bystanders helped him exit the vehicle without incident. A few hours later, the wrecked car’s images were posted online, and they did not look good. However, Mike was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he got treatment before being released.

Mike acknowledges that he hasn’t experienced this level of emotion since his football playing days, and based on the state of his car, it played a significant role. Fortunately, his top-of-the-line, name-brand safety gear and roll cage kept him secure.

In addition, even though we are pleased that Lafawnduh fulfilled her duty and protected Mike, we find it upsetting to witness her in her present predicament. In a faster Mustang, he will soon return with the rest of the Murillo Motorsports squad and smash the previous record.

When Did The Accident Take Place?

The actor from Street Outlaws reportedly suffered significant injuries in an accident on the weekend of September 23, 2022. Mike was squaring off against his No Prep Kings co-star when Ryan Martin crashed his car and caught flames.

At the 2015 NOo Prep Super Bowl Wars race, he was involved in a severe crash that rendered his car’s front and back totally inoperable. He continued to have a passion for racing, nevertheless.

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Murillo has several bruises on his body but is still alive. His riding equipment made a significant contribution to avoiding serious injury.

The racer described the mishap as a “nightmare,” but he assured his followers and followers that he was fine by saying, “Everything and everyone happened in your life for a reason.”

I’m mostly in decent physical form, and that’s all that matters. However, after some much-needed rest, we’ll talk about the content of these pictures and what we intend to do about it. “Thank you for everyone’s outreach; y’all actually made us feel valued,” the reality TV star continued.

Mike Murillo Health Updates

Despite his terrible car accident, Mike Murillo is unharmed. He suffered a few minor wounds, but they healed quickly.

He can avoid significant physical harm with the aid of his riding safety suit and jersey. However, despite surviving a major race-related accident, one feels extremely fortunate.

He has also inspired many young people to wear safety equipment when riding in the street. Even after a crash, it aids in the riders’ survival.

Mike Murillo On Midwest Street Cars Oklahoma Racing

When racing is allowed and not, Mike Murillo knows when it is.

According to the newly minted reality star, who also affirms that the Midwest Street Cars of Oklahoma are a real organization, street racing is just as competitive as drag racing, if not more so.

Murillo has competed in numerous street races with the Midwest Street Cars team with his well-known Mustang, “Lafawnduh.” According to Murillo, “we’re not even running half the boost we do at the track,” one adjustment made to handle the concrete and blacktop conditions he currently races on.

Many in the racing industry think it is counterproductive to emphasize these televised unlawful and maybe lethal acts, which have recently been the subject of controversy and attention regarding street racers.

He contends that this “illegal” street racing drawing millions of spectators is a positive trend, even though motorsports have begun to decline.

Murillo plans to participate in the upcoming Oklahoma rivalry game against another state because his time in Oklahoma is almost finished. Murillo claims he would compete against “ALL of the Midwest Street Car guys” if given a chance.

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