Mike Majlak’s fortune is pegged at $2 million. Michael relies heavily on endorsement partnerships and sponsorship arrangements to fund his lifestyle.

Mike’s YouTube channel, Mike Majlak Vlogs, has over 2.71 million subscribers and 354 million views since it was first posted on October 5, 2010.

In addition to his popularity on YouTube, he is also well-known across other social media platforms, such as Instagram (where he has over 1.7 million followers) and Twitter (560,8 K).

His podcast, the Impulsive Show, has made him famous, and he is well-known for his friendship with influential YouTuber Logan Paul. He also has a book called “The Fifth Vital,” which details his battle with opioid addiction.

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Find The Net Worth Of Mike Majlak

American YouTuber Mike Majlak has a $2 million fortune thanks to his vlogging exploits. What sets Mike apart and has helped him carve a significant following alongside the renown he presently basks in is his ties with other luminaries and the way he has established a following via them.

All his most watched videos include adult film star Lana Rhoades, with whom he has a romantic involvement.

He and his channel benefited greatly from their friendship, and he eventually became a household brand because of it. Branding himself with Logan Paul is a priority for him at the moment.

Even though the podcast is known as “The Impulsive Show” and Logan Paul is the broadcast’s star, Majlak has become an integral element of the show and a recognizable face to listeners.

How Much Does Mike Majlak Earn From YouTube?

Mike Majlak can support himself well because of his popular YouTube channel. After ten years on the site, Mike’s channel has garnered 354,893,125 views.

Depending on how often a video is seen and monetized, producers can earn anywhere from two to twelve dollars via YouTube’s Adsense program.

As of this writing, he has made between $709,786 and $4,258,717 through his YouTube channel. However, this is only a ballpark figure, and the actual figure may be substantially higher.

As reported by Social Blade, a monthly income from his channel of $1,300 to $20,400 is what Majlak pulls in. His yearly salary goes from the low single digits to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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The tabulation website also offers him a B+ overall rating and boasts that his channel has received over 5.09 million views in the past 30 days. Only money made from his primary channel through views is reflected here.

In addition to Majlak’s role as presenter of the massively successful Impulsive Show, there are numerous brand partnerships and sponsored material to consider.

Mike Majlak Is A Vlogger

Joey Majlak Has been a member of YouTube since October 5th, 2010, when they first began uploading content.

He began his career as a marketing manager for Lovesac after being born on January 13, 1985, in Milford, Connecticut.

He also wrote for Essential Foodie and served on the social media promotions team at Nice Guy Promotions. He rapidly became a fan favorite on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, which he joined.

In addition, he began posting vlogs about his daily life on his channel, which, as was previously indicated, helped him gain popularity thanks to his links to the entertainment industry.

His career has been fraught with setbacks, scandals, and accusations of impropriety, yet he has persevered and established himself as a respected figure in his field and on the internet.

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