Miguel Almiron Wife: Alexia Notto Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Married Life And Instagram Details

On Instagram and Titok, Miguel Almiron’s wife, Alexia Notto, has thousands of followers. She’s been professionally trained to instruct Zumba.

A football player from Paraguay plays as the offensive midfielder for New Castle’s premier league squad. He joined New Castle on January 31, 2019, for a then-record-breaking £21 million.

Miguel started his playing career when he joined the under-17 team at Cerro Porteo. He later joined Club Atlético Lans in the Argentine Primera División in August 2015.

He contributed to Lans’ 2016 Argentine Primera División championship with goals against Banfield in the Clásico del Sur. Miguel joined the MLS group Atlanta United in 2016.

Miguel Almiron Wife: Alexia Notto Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Married Life And Instagram Details
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To learn more about Miguel Almiron’s wife Alexia Notto’s biography and married life, continue reading the article below.

Miguel Almiron Wife: Alexia Notto Wikipedia And Biography

The wife of Miguel Almiron, Alexia Notto, is a well-known figure on Tiktok and Instagram and a certified Zumba instructor. She was born on August 11, 1997, in Paraguay.

Wikipedia and other well-known news websites have not yet mentioned Alexia. Miguel’s partner’s primary education was completed at a nearby neighborhood school.

From a young age, she was drawn to body fitness and Zumba. As a result, Notto’s parents enrolled her in the Zumba training center, and she later turned it into a career.

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Almiron was chosen for the 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs team after winning the MLS Cup in 2018. On January 31, he began working for New Castle under a five-and-a-half-year, £21 million contract.

Alexia Notto Age

Alexia Notto will turn 25 in 2022. The Instagram and Tiktok star stands at a commanding height of 5’6″ (1.70m) and weighs 60 kg (132lbs).

At 13, she started participating in Zumba, a well-liked South American exercise program. Alexia established Zumba as a well-known career while residing in the US.

Alexia has brown eyes and black hair and is in good physical shape. She posts pictures of herself wearing a two-piece bikini on social media platforms like Instagram.

Miguel Almiron And Alexia Notto Married Life

In front of their close friends and family, Miguel Almiron and Alexia Notto were married in November 2016.

Even though they appear to get along well, people find it difficult to believe that the couples are married. While still teenagers, Alexia and Miguel began dating.

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Alexia was 19, and Miguel was 22 when they tied the knot. The couple had fallen in love when they were young, but they knew their marriage was destined.

A son, who would be their first child, was born in June 2021. Alexia routinely shares pictures of her son and husband enjoying fun and seeing the UK on social media.

Alexia Notto Instagram Details

Alexia Notto can be followed on Instagram at @alexiaa_notto. On a verified account, the Instagram celebrity has 232k followers.

She frequently publishes photos of herself, her child, and her husband Miguel on Instagram. She appeared to be enjoying her trip to the UK.

On the other hand, her husband Miguel Almiron uses the handle @miguel_almiron. The professional football player currently has 756k followers.

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