Menomonee Falls Accident: Ben Reimers And Emily Grace Reimers Update And Family Details

A youngster reportedly lost his life on July 3, 2022, when a car driven by an 18-year-old lady struck him and his sister at the Pick Save Parking lot on Appleton Avenue in North Caroline. 

The villagers took the boy and the girl to the nearest hospital as soon as the accident occurred, but the hospital confirmed the boy was dead and his sister was still in critical condition.

Menomonee Falls Accident: Ben Reimers and Emily Grace Reimers Update

The kid and the girl are natives of North Carolina in the USA. Ben Reimers and Emily Grace Reimers are the names of the two siblings. They were employees of Menomonee Falls’ Falls Baptist Church.

The 18-year-old lady reportedly lost control of her vehicle and struck a boy and a girl who were viewing fireworks in Menomonee Falls with it. 

The child and the girl, both siblings, were enjoying the Menomonee Falls fireworks display.


The kid, who was 24 years old, reportedly lost his life after being struck by the automobile of an 18-year-old female, according to the police, who also said that his sister is battling for her life in the hospital. 

After that, the accident case is still being looked into, and the Wisconsin State Patrol assists the Menomonee Falls Police Department in this investigation.

Details On Menomonee Falls Accident

According to the sources, an 18-year-old woman was operating the vehicle that struck Ben Reimers and Emily Grace Reimers. The woman is a native of Germantown, in the United States.

Even though the car had no control at the time of the collision for the siblings and the driver, it remained unharmed.

The woman told the authorities that she was traveling with two other little children in the car, that she had left her house to see the city, and that she had no desire to hit anyone.

The lady, however, remained at the scene of the collision and assisted the police with their investigation. In addition, the woman replied to the police’s questions.

Ben Reimers and Emily Grace Reimers Family

We pray for peace for the little child who lost his life in an unexpected event. Ben Reimers’ family and friends have lost one of their sons, a brother, and a friend who would only be there in their memories. This is the saddest time for any family to lose one of its parts.

The Menomonee Falls police have issued a notice of the accident and asked the residents and citizens who may have witnessed the car crash with the video to call the police at the specified number, 262-532-8700, right away if they have any information.

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