Memphis: Who Is Elijah Hyman? 28-year-old Man Was Detained After Making Death Threats At  Yo Gotti Event

Memphis: Who Is Elijah Hyman? 28-year-old Man Was Detained After Making Death Threats At  Yo Gotti Event

The Memphis Police Department stopped Elijah Hyman and a potential mass capture when a concertgoer at a Yo Gotti live show.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, when the police arrived at the scene of a complaint about an armed psychological patient, they discovered the suspect and his female friend.

Yo Gotti thanked the Memphis Police Department on Twitter for ensuring that his birthday performance went off without a hitch. Three hours after the development was completed, the occurrence occurred, according to the rapper’s social media post. 

According to a post on the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page, the incident happened on the 200 block of South Main Street on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 2:48 am.

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Memphis: Who Is Elijah Hyman?

The suspect who has been taken into custody by the police is Elijah Hyman. After he and his female friend broke up, he threatened to hurt other people.

Along with the insider information that the 28-year-old White guy had been charged with committing an act of terrorism, his most recent photograph was also made public.

According to a Facebook post by the police, Hyman expressed disappointment after he engagement with his fiancée ended.

Officers were notified that Hyman wanted to murder himself and everyone else he saw during a match that was taking place at the FedEx Forum since his relationship with his female friend was going to an end, according to the Facebook post. 

After slicing through a glass pane home, Hyman was bleeding from his right hand. Officers were aware that Hyman had a lot of guns in his house, the comments said. 

In the past, Hyman would be detained, restrained, and taken to the hospital for care. However, after a search warrant was executed and the ATF was contacted. As a result, it was determined that Hyman had multiple firearms.

Yo Gotti Respond To Memphis Police Department And Elijah Hyman Threat

On Twitter, Yo Gotti praised the Memphis Police Department for moving fast to reduce the risk.

The rapper thanked the crowd, the artists, and everyone else who helped make the event go smoothly and safely before stating that “we were notified of a potential threat of an individual seeking to hurt fans departing Birthday Bash that occurred 3 hours after our act completed.”

“I also want to thank the Memphis Police Department for their swift and decisive action in ensuring that all participants got home safely,” he stated in his closing remarks.

Thank you for facilitating a simple, safe, and obscenely lucrative match with Birthday Bash, fans, artists, and everyone else working in the background.

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