Melonie Mac And Awesome Joey Divorce Reasons: Insights On Their Failed Marriage

Eleven months into their marriage, Melonie Mac and Awesome Joey called it quits. Melonie has explained why she and her partner broke up.

For a living, Melonie broadcasts video games on Twitch and posts videos about her life on her YouTube channel.

She has gained notoriety for her videos focusing on video games, anime, and technology on YouTube. In 2010, she started working for Ubisoft, a video game developer.

She was a Frag Doll Cadette at the firm. In time, she rose through the ranks to work in advertising. She began her career on Twitch and YouTube at a very young age.

With the encouragement of her dad and bro, she started streaming and posting videos to various platforms.

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Reason Behind The Divorce Of Melonie Mac And Awesome Joey

After only eleven months of marriage, Melonie Mac and Awesome Joey decided to separate. She decided to document her new life after the divorce.

She broke up with her husband, Joey, after admitting in the video that they made big mistakes in getting married.

Mac even went as far as saying that some individuals take pleasure in the worst parts of life. In her post, she described her life at the moment in its entirety.

She has admitted her past and declared that this would be the only time she would ever do something like this.

Because she does not want to continue talking about the topic, she has never shared this information with her admirers and followers.

She said she is doing great despite having been through some of the worst times and scenarios imaginable.

Image Source: Twitter

Mac also mentioned that since being divorced, she’s been feeling fantastic. She went home, as she often did, and opened a bottle of wine. To be happy, she has to shed her burdens and eliminate negativity.

After making her entire life public, she was moved by the outpouring of support and love she received while she went through the hardest experience of her life. She’s ready to move on to the next chapter.

According to her, Mac has plenty of time to relax and have fun now that she’s no longer working. As a result of her newfound confidence, she has lost her apprehension of the past. She spoke of her relief at finally being free in a video she uploaded.

Melonie Mac’s Life After Her Divorce

Melonie Mac was under a lot of stress due to her marriage. She’s been having a great time since she divorced her spouse.

Mac was furious and scared to face the future without her ex-lover. She pondered if she could keep such thoughts in her brain and was perpetually intrigued.

But things shifted, and Mac eventually came to know the real woman. She went on an exceptional tour and got over the difficulties of divorce.

During the early phases of her divorce, she began exercising so frequently that she eventually stopped experiencing random thoughts.

She’s happy and content with her life now that she’s single. Since she has achieved many of her objectives and is still growing, she feels no need to look back with regret.

She has increased the frequency of her broadcasts and is diligent about uploading new films to her YouTube channel. Her streaming and underground releases have gained a substantial following worldwide.

Some of Mac’s supporters have asked Joey to remove his old post so that she may have her own life without his interference. Nothing that has happened in Joey’s life has bothered her.

She’s made many strides and is well on her way to achieving her goals. She has been live streaming her videos in conjunction with well-known Twitch streamers.

She has been steadily uploading videos to YouTube to grow her subscriber base. She can achieve a specific height in a few months if she puts in the work.

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