It’s likely that Lucy, aka Melissa O’Neil, is quitting “The Rookie” because she has another important opportunity at hand.

She might enroll in a prestigious Sacramento program that would prepare her for important duties in the future.

Actress and singer Melissa Crystal O’Neil is well-known in Canada. Melissa is the first female contestant to win Canadian Idol’s third season and the show’s overall champion.

O’Neil participated in Canadian Idol’s third season while still in high school. She advanced to the top 100 round as the judges expressed their admiration for her voice. She defeated Goudie in the grand finals to win the third Canadian Idol championship.

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Quick Facts about Melissa O’Neil

Full nameMelissa Crystal O’Neil
Age34 years
Date of birthJuly 12, 1988
BirthplaceCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Professionsinger and actress
Net worth$14 Million
PartnerDaniel Birnbaum

Is Melissa O’Neil Leaving The Rookie?

Melissa O’Neil reportedly left The Rookie, according to speculations. Her character, Lucy, has become more at ease living in the Los Angeles region, as perceived by the show’s viewers. She has a huge employment opportunity, it has been disclosed.

Lucy, who typically cares about justice, would love to work as an undercover detective. She is unsure of the prospect at this time and is ruminating back and forth in her mind. As a result, it is challenging to anticipate her next move.


She has been struggling with guilt as a result of what happened with Chris. She would also, after the horrific occurrence, have deep-seated negative feelings about herself.

Is Actress Melissa O’Neil Pregnant In Real life?

Although Lucy Chen is not pregnant, many The Rookie fans are speculating that she might be.No indication exists that Lucy’s tale will take this turn. As a result, it appears that the rumor has no basis whatsoever.

In the show, Lucy deals with her ordeal. In our opinion, she won’t be bringing any more surprises. If the character was expecting, there would already be some mention of it. There has been not even the slightest hint that she is pregnant in any of the show-related conversations.

As a result, some fans have been spreading speculations that Melissa O’Neil, the actress who plays Lucy, may be expecting a child. There was a on the actress.

Melissa O’Neil Husband

Daniel Birnbaum, Melissa O’Neil’s companion, has not yet been married to her. Right now, it appears that she and Daniel are dating. He represents the Toronto Blue Jays’ talent.

Daniel and Melissa began dating in the middle of 2013. Even some sources have suggested that the couple has been dating since 2012. Their images appeared online in abundance, garnering numerous headlines.

Melissa hasn’t talked much about her romantic relationships because she isn’t a particularly open person in her personal life. She also denied having a romantic connection to Daniel.

However, the couple’s extremely private photos that are going viral online support the rumors. She continues to attribute her success to Birnbaum.

 Melissa O’Neil Worth

The actress Melissa O’Neil is thought to be worth $14 million. Her acting and singing careers have contributed to her financial stability.

Since she won Canadian Idol, Melissa’s career has been booming. She received a recording deal with Sony BMG Canada right away after winning the competition, and she then released her debut single, “Alive.”

She entered the Canadian singles chart at number one. The single later received a four-time platinum certification from the CRIA.

Her self-titled album Melissa O’Neil was released on Son on November 22nd, 2005. Additionally, in 2005, she released her second song from the album Let it Go, which was also a hit.

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