Meet The Cast of Lifetime’s Bad Nanny And How to watch Bad Nanny? Release Date And Time

An intriguing cast is included in the upcoming Lifetime network film Bad Nanny. The story, scheduled for release during October in time for Halloween, features a thriller premise with a touch of horror.

The two half-sisters are the focus of the film. The other is given a chance to live a life of luxury, while the first is refused. Kendra’s life has been challenging since she was born on the wrong side of the tracks.

A life characterized by lack and rejection. When she discovered that she was born to a wealthy man, her feelings of rejection turned to hatred.

She finds out immediately that her hidden half-sister has a wealthy life and everything she could ever want. But, unfortunately, she has someone to resent because of her father’s disappearance. So she also starts formulating plans for revenge against her and accepts a job as a babysitter at her sister’s house, which causes a ton of drama and is the perfect plot move for the genre.

Here we provide information about the movie’s release date, cast, and other details because the anticipation for it has reached an all-time high.

Meet The Cast of Lifetime's Bad Nanny And How to watch Bad Nanny? Release Date And Time
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Meet The Cast of Lifetime’s Bad Nanny

Along with its engaging plot, Bad Nanny features a captivating cast. The movie is Lifetime Network’s ambitious initiative, and everyone connected to it has high hopes for it.

April Hale

April Hale, who plays Remy Bell-Winter, is the first member of “Bad Nanny.” In the trailer and other promotional materials provided by the production team, one of the notable characters appears to have potential.

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Hale grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was born. She grew up watching television and movies because her mother is also an artist. April participated in several talent shows and plays when she was younger, some of which her mother had written.

Actress April is currently in the workforce and has been in several TV shows and advertisements throughout her career.

Aria Jennai Pulliam

Aria Jennai Pulliam performs the role of another prominent character in the movie. The details surrounding her portrayal of the young Ella Bell-Winter will become apparent as the network broadcasts the cinema.

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She gained notoriety for her roles in Vanished – Searching for My Sister and House of Payne (2021). (2022). Her other projects are scheduled for release and are now in post-production.

The actress can be found as @ariapulliam on Instagram. She currently aspires to have more followers than her existing 300. A higher agency oversees the platform, frequently utilized for advertising her and her projects.

Yasmine Ryback

Yasmine plays Lupita in “Bad Nanny.”

Chicago is the hometown of Ryback. In numerous television industrials and commercials, she has played the lead role for brands including Audi, Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, 3M, Nationwide Vision, Textron Aviation, TCF Bank, Aspercreme, Honeywell, and others.

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The actor, who had no idea how to get into the business, decided to go to her first pageant to hone her stage presence. She entered the competition and won Mrs Minnesota-America. She later competed in national contests, placing top 6 in Mrs America.

Trevor Lyons

Trevor Lyons plays David in the upcoming film and recently dazzled his audience with his performance in Un$uited. He thinks of himself as a fashion model rather than just an actor. According to his agency’s biography, he has first-hand experience acting in supporting roles in various films.

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More information has emerged, including that he began working in theatre and underwent extensive training to get the necessary abilities. On Instagram, you can find Lyons. He has almost 20k followers under the handle @trevorlyonss and has identified Lubbock Matadors SC as his social media manager.

Brian Ramian

On the program, the actor portrays Jack Winter, one of the Winters. Fans are eager to watch how his story plays out in the thriller because of his affiliation with the project, which is also highly intriguing.

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This multifaceted individual holds roles as an actor, director, and producer. He is most recognized for his roles in The Haunting of the Morgan Estate, Murder by Numbers, and “Dead” Stop (2011). (2020).

Ramian has almost 4,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @actor brain_, where you can follow his life. Danica Khrystyna Ross, his wife of more than ten years, is the subject of his marriage.

Karen Ragan-George

Fans hope Ragan, who plays Mathilda in “Bad Nanny,” will give another entertaining eating performance. Looking at her professional history, you can see that she took part in several stage, TV, and film productions in New York City many years ago, which offered her the chance to join SAG, AFTRA, and AEA.

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The actress later relocated to Los Angeles in the middle of the 1980s. Still, she could only land a few acting and voice-over jobs, not enough to sustain herself, so she ultimately decided to pursue other hobbies.

Before landing a position with Warner Bros. in their Domestic Distribution Department, she worked in several industries, including IT recruiting and TV production. But a change was required after working ineffectively for more than 20 years. So she decided to leave acting behind and start performing again.

How to watch Bad Nanny?

When Bad Nanny premieres, Lifetime will have it available to watch through memberships. Although surfing and downloading content on Lifetime is free, viewing content is not. Recurring monthly or annual charges may begin once your free trial has ended. Enjoy straightforward billing. Your subscription will automatically renew on a monthly or annual payment schedule. You may revoke it at any time.

The cost of a monthly subscription is $4.99*. The cost of a yearly subscription is $49.99*. It’s a 15% save there! When you purchase a subscription through our website, you can decide between recurring payments that occur monthly or annually.

For a bit of a while, Hulu offers a free trial to view LMN. Like Amazon Prime users, Lifetime Movie Club now gives new members a 30-day free trial! After that, the standard price beyond the first month is $3.99/month, and you can cancel anytime.

Bad Nanny Release Date And Time Explored

On October 21, 2022, Bad Nanny will be released, ready to fill your Halloween with suspense and terror.

You may watch Lifetime Movie Club on your computer via, on Apple devices (such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV), Android devices, and on Roku. In addition, the most recent versions of our Android and iOS applications and the Chrome web browser may all be used to stream movies to your TV using your Chromecast.

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