In the film “A Christmas Spark,” Joe Lando plays Hank Marshall, while Jane Seymour plays Molly. 

The picture was under the direction of renowned director Rhonda Baraka. The one-hour, 25-minute Holiday Romantic movie directed by Eirene Donohue.

It will be shown on November 27, 2022, on well-known movie theater platforms. Molly, the recently widowed character in the film, chooses to spend Christmas with her daughter.

Hank is the most eligible bachelor in the town, so she accepts his invitation to run the community’s Christmas pageant, and she soon falls in love with him.

The re-emergence of Dr. Quinn co-stars Joe Lando and Jane Seymour has increased demand for the film in the marketplace.

The couple had previously been reunited in the 2011 Hallmark film Perfectly Prudence. Fans of Dr. Quinn and the Medicine Woman are eagerly anticipating the premiere of “A Christmas Spark on Lifetime.”

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To Meet The Cast of A Christmas Spark Movie, continue reading the article.

A Christmas Spark Cast: Get to Know Them

Five seasoned performers from the film business served as the narrators of A Christmas Spark, captivating the audience with their outstanding performances.

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando, who have previously been together in movies like Dr. Quinn and Perfectly Prudent, play the major characters in the movie.

Jane Seymour As Molly

Jane Seymour, a multi-talented actress, was born in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, on February 15, 1951.

The actress is most known to fans for her roles in the famous cult movies Somewhere in Time and as a co-star with the late Christopher Reeve in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

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In addition to winning two Emmys and a Golden Globe, Seymour is an officer of the British Empire (OBE). In the movie A Christmas Spark.

She plays Molly, a widow who reluctantly agrees to organize the neighborhood’s Christmas pageant and who eventually falls in love with Hank, the most eligible bachelor in the area (Joe Lando).

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Joe Lando As Hank Marshall

On December 9, 1961, Joe Lando, an American actor, was born in Prairie View, Illinois.

He made his acting debut in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as a patrolman. As Jake Harrison in the soap series One Life to Live, he achieved recognition.

Additionally, he has made several film appearances, including No Code of Conduct and Seeds of Doubt (both from 1996). (1998). 

Colin Milne As Awkward Guy

Yukon’s Whitehorse is where Canadian actor Colin Milne was born and reared.

While studying musical theater and cinema, Colin discovered his love for narrative. Then he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to advance his career.

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The performers were fantastic as awkward boys in movies like A Christmas Spark. Despite the fact that not much is known about him personally.

He hoped that this picture would significantly advance his career and help him establish himself as a prominent actor in the film industry.

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Sharmaine Yeoh As Snowflake

Canadian performer Sharmaine Yeoh was born in Singapore. The actor moved to Canada in 1998 to further her studies in animals.

She started working in the film industry right away after falling in love with it. Sharmaine served on the team in a number of roles before making an appearance in front of the camera.

The Academy Award-winning “Bao” (voice), the Hong Kong-Canada collaboration “Fatal Visi,” the SyFy series “The Magicians,” and Netflix Away are just a few of the notable films she has acted in over her career.

Many of her admirers are excited to see her as Snowflake, whom she just voiced in the film A Christmas Spark, after enjoying the movie’s trailer.

Jaxon Jensen As Opera Man

The Sound of Music marked the theatrical debut of Jaxon Jensen, a multi-talented musician and theater performer, as Kurt von Trapp.

The experience whetted his insatiable appetite for drama and music. Jaxon is known for preying on people’s trust and gullibility and has developed a distinctive brand for himself.

He presents a warm and caring image, yet the audience will be shocked by his capacity to convey a profound sorrow in such an open and sincere way.

The actor is a skilled dancer and has received recognition for his musical skills. He received his classical training and achieved his Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree at the University of British Columbia.

Released Date And Time Of A Christmas Spark

The Lifetime channel broadcast the first episode of A Christmas Spark on November 27, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST. The promotional materials for this movie, which was originally called A Playful Romance, helped it become quite well-known.

After the movie’s debut on Sunday, November 27, the number is expected to rise as more people see it. The film’s runtime is one hour and twenty-five minutes, and Eirene Donohue wrote and directed it.

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