Meet Nayib Estefan Wife Lara Coppola

  • December 13, 2022
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Since their 2010 wedding, Nayib Estefan and his wife Lara Coppola have hardly been seen apart. The child of Nayib and Lara is a male. In the 2000

Meet Nayib Estefan Wife Lara Coppola

Since their 2010 wedding, Nayib Estefan and his wife Lara Coppola have hardly been seen apart. The child of Nayib and Lara is a male.

In the 2000 comedy-musical romance film Punks, Nayib played the role of Wild Guy #2. In addition to his musical talent, he is well-known for being the son of Cuban-American music icons Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

Nayib, the first child of the influential couple, was born on September 2, 1980. In 2020, as Gloria celebrated her son’s 40th birthday, she said on Instagram, “You were the nicest present we could have ever given to each other.”

Having a child was “so wanted and so panned by your dad and me,” Gloria explains, and Nayib’s birth on their second wedding anniversary was no coincidence. He was born and reared in Miami, Florida, where both his parents had successful careers in the arts.

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Nayib Estefan And Lara Coppola Are Married

The couple got married on June 5, 2010, and Lara Coppola Estefan is from Venezuela. After a long courtship, the pair finally tied the knot in his parent’s garden.

The happy couple just marked their 12th wedding anniversary. Gloria, Nayib’s mother, posted a photo of the couple’s anniversary on Instagram on June 5, 2022. Nayib, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, is known to be secretive about his love life.

The iconic singer posted a picture from their wedding day to Instagram with the caption, “Happy 12th-anniversary Nayib and Lara.” She ended the post’s caption with a couple of red hearts and tagged her gorgeous daughter-in-law.

After marrying Estefan, Lara’s stardom skyrocketed, but she has since proven herself to be more than simply a famous spouse, mother, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law.

She deserves the renown that comes with being an Estefan. Lara is an ambitious Venezuelan who emigrated to the United States to further her career. She has made significant contributions to fashion as a stylist.

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Lara worked as a club promoter in Miami before she decided to pursue a career in fashion. The stylist has resided in Los Angeles for nearly twenty years, but she still considers Miami home because she runs a monthly vintage market called “Ropa Vieja.”

Overwhelmed with her favourite Cuban dish, there she is. As Lara told WMagazine, she and her husband Nayib are big fans of the Bombay Durbar in the Coconut Grove neighbourhood of Miami.

Over delicious Indian cuisine and witty reminiscences of their high school years, the two have a great time at this restaurant.

She also mentioned that her husband’s famed parents, Gloria and Emilio, run their favourite restaurant, Larios on the Beach, which is one of her favourites. They provide the best Cuban food she’s had in Miami, according to her.

Additionally, Lara is very reachable on Instagram. She is active on the site, posting photos of herself and her family, especially her adorable baby Sasha, for everybody to see and admire. Over 9.2k people are now following the stylist’s 1,767 posts.

Nayib Estefan And Lara Coppola’s Son Sasha Is 10 Years Old

Sasha Argento Estefan Coppola was born to long-time couple Nayib and Lara on June 12, 2012. A young lady named Sasha Argento Estefan Coppola reached the ripe age of 10.

Around the time Gloria and Emilion celebrated their second wedding anniversary, Nayib and his wife had their first child, Sasha (who would be their only child). The singer told People en Espanol, “The greatest present I could have is to see my children pleased with what they are doing.”

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When Gloria’s grandson was born, she was the first to announce it to her adoring public. On Twitter, she stated, “It’s already been bursting at the seams, and now it’s bursting at the seams even more. Our first grandchild was born at 8:04 p.m., and I now have a new guy in my life. The feeling is mutual; I’m head over heels.”

Her family recently celebrated Sasha Estefan’s 10th birthday. Because of his family’s status, the boy has been in the spotlight since he was a baby. His paternal and paternal grandparents are named Gloria and Emilio. Take his famous aunt, singer Emily Estefan.

Sasha’s Grandmother Is A Singer, Actress And An Entrepreneur

Singer, the actress, and successful entrepreneur Gloria, 65, is a legend in her lifetime. She has been honoured with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and is included in Billboard and VH1’s lists of the Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

She has won seven Grammys in all. The global sales of her albums have topped 75 million, making her the second-best-selling Latina artist of all time. In terms of album sales, she is also up there with the best-selling female artists of all time.

Sasha’s Grandfather Is A Singer And Producer

Emilio, Sasha’s grandpa, is a singer and producer of Cuban and American descent. He has won 19 Grammys for his outstanding contributions to the music business. Starting, he was a prominent part of the Miami Sound Machine.

Gloria, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, and Shakira are just a few of the singers he helped launch into superstardom and propel Latin music into the mainstream in the late ’90s.

He was honoured with the Hollywood Walk of Fame star and the BMI “Songwriter of the Year” award in 2015. In addition, he received the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009.

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