Maya-Camille Broussard is a role model for the deaf or hard of hearing. Maya is a competitor on the Netflix show Baking Squad.

Chicago-based baker Justice of The Pies has culinary artist Maya-Camille among its staff. She came from a long line of bakers, and she and her aunt often baked muffins and pound cakes together as kids.

Her achievements are many, ranging from having her storefront featured by the Illinois Office of Tourism to creating original dessert dishes for the inaugural James Beard Foundation Awards virtual ceremony.

She has shown that deaf persons may succeed in independent life despite their disability. Her goal is to reach out to the same audience that Bake Squad has by appearing in the show.

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Maya-Camille Broussard Is Known As An Icon Of A Deaf Community

Deafness struck young for Maya-Camille Broussard. Since she was four years old, Maya has been dependent on her hearing aids.

She was four when she began to communicate verbally. Her mother was advised to abandon her by a speech therapist who said their daughter was most certainly deaf and stupid.

So, she had to attend speech therapy for most of her primary school years. Helen Keller, Miracle Ear, and Bell Tone were just some of the cruel names her peers called her.

Whenever someone saw her, they would give her a note that stated, “Since you probably can’t hear me, I’m going to have to write this down. That settles the matter. You’re meant to laugh at that “.

Even though her social studies instructor had advised her to wear her hair down to conceal her hearing aids, she continued to wear ponytails despite the teasing of her peers.

Some individuals at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market, or any fair, were inaudible to her, and they had no idea that she needed to see their expressions to understand what they were saying to her.

Her assistant at the time would shout at anyone who said anything negative to her while she had her head down, claiming that she could not hear them.

Maya-Camille Is A Member Of PWD (Person with Disability)

To better the world, Broussard and her business partner collaborate with several groups. She identifies as Deaf and Hard of Hearing, making her a member of the PWD (Person with Disability) group.

She participates in the yearly pie drive hosted by Cabrini Green Legal Aid, which raises money to provide legal aid to low-income families at no cost.

In 2017, she began presenting “I Knead Love” for students in grades five through eight who came from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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She educated them on the fundamentals of cooking and the need for a balanced diet, thrifty spending, and culinary imagination. She also mentioned how simple it is to travel to a city garden and provide a helping hand there.

She collaborated with Frontline Foods Chicago to feed first responders and others throughout the outbreak. Because of this, she plans to assist as many people as possible.

Maya-Camille Was Invited To Bake Squad

Chef Tosi extended an invitation to Maya-Camille to join Bake Squad. She used to host cooking shows on Instagram, and it was there that she first met the chef and began collaborating with her.

Afterward, she was flown to California to participate in the show’s production. As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, she thanked them for the chance.

Yummy and savory pies, quiches, and tarts are the focus of her bakery, Justice of Pies. In memory of her father, who was known as “the pie master,” she founded the business.

He worked as an attorney and loved to bake and eat everything that involved crust. She also talked about her time on the show in an interview with the Disability Visibility Project.

She remarked that she had a good time stretching her imaginative wings and competing with her peers. She hoped to message young girls of her ethnicity that they could do anything by participating in the event.

She hopes her perseverance, determination, and achievement will serve as an example to others in her hometown.

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