Mauricio Lara is wed to Barbara Lara at the moment. Their daughter, Aitanita, who is almost two years old, is their only child.

Mexican boxer Mauricio competes professionally. As of October 2021, Lara is presently ranked first among active featherweights by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, third by The Ring, and sixth by BoxRec.

He frequently posts images of his wife online when she is on vacation in the top tourist spots in the globe. Following the birth of their baby, the couple appears to be experiencing great joy.

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Who Is Mauricio Lara Wife Barbara Lara?

Aitana, Mauricio Lara’s daughter, is almost two years old. She and her mother, Barbara Lara, are married. More than two years have passed since the couple was married.

Despite the fact that Lara is one of Mexico’s most well-known and decorated boxers, his wife has avoided the spotlight and led a low-key life.

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The professional boxer posts online images and videos of his wife and their adorable daughter. They frequently appear to be traveling together. But she rarely participates in his business life, which implies that she still lives in Mexico, where she was born.

Mauricio’s Daughter Aitana

His daughter Aitana is Mauricio Lara’s greatest inspiration and affection. She was born on January 8, 2021, and is now almost two years old.

After her daughter was born, the boxer uploaded a number of photos of the child. He always remembers to upload the most recent pictures of her little angel on Instagram.

On March 27, 2021, he posted their first photo together as his first social media update. He then posted a ton more feeds updating his followers.

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On her five-month birthday, Mauricio Lara wished her daughter on Instagram.

He declared before his speech, “My one-month-old daughter Aitana is the biggest motivation, but my gorgeous wife Barbara and my parents are also important motivators.

Mauricio Lara Net Worth

Mauricio Lara’s professional boxing career has generated a net worth of more than $1.15 million. He has participated in 27 games overall, winning 24 of them.

One of the most talented and brilliant young fighters in the sport, Mauricio has established a reputation for himself.

Since he was a small child, he has boxed and had aspirations of having a prosperous career. Mauricio has worked really hard to get there. He goes by the ring name Bronco and competes as a featherweight.

Mauricio Lara’s professional boxing career has brought in more than $1.15 million.

How Much Salary Does Lara Earn? estimates that Mauricio Lara makes $275,600 a year.

Early in their careers, boxers may expect to earn between $1,000 and $4,000 per bout, or in the middle, between $5,000 and $10,000, according to

Professional fighters instead make between $22,000 to $51,370 per year, though since expenses like travel, healthcare, management, and training are not taken into account, actual earnings may be lower.

Lara, though, makes more money than the ordinary person, given his enormous success in boxing.

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