Matthew Labyorteaux Wife, Married Life, Brother, And Family Life Details

Leslie Labyorteaux, the wife of Pasadena Waldorf School admissions associate Matthew Labyorteaux, worked in graphic design in addition to her other job.

The youth of the 1970s and 1990s are familiar with Little House on the Prairie. They grew up with the show’s characters, and Matthew’s portrayal of Albert Ingalls was one of the most enduring.

The actor had told Cheatsheet that he wanted to perform the role for the following five to ten years, but the character was killed off. With that position, he and his brother Patrick both enjoyed popularity.

Patrick also asserts that while he might be well-known for his part in Summer School, if people were to leave out their favorite quote, it would be from Little House on the Prairie, as was noted in Pasadena Weekly.

Years have passed since they entered the field and began to become well-known. Some admirers are curious about the brothers’ whereabouts and live now that they are in their 50s.

Matthew Labyorteaux Wife, Married Life, Brother, And Family Life Details
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Who Is Matthew Labyorteaux’s Wife?

On July 17, 2020, Matthew Labyorteaux wed Leslie Labyorteaux. More than two years have passed since they got married.

Before enrolling, she worked as a graphics artist for DreamWorks Records from 1998 to 2000.

Van Ness Films employed her as a Foxstar documentarian. Likewise, she started working as a freelance voice actor in 2011 and continued doing so until 2014.

She worked as a speaker, coach, and author at Transformation today from 2013 to 2015. She later joined the Pasadena Waldorf School staff in 2015 as a development officer.

She was promoted to the Admission associate post after three years of employment. Since then, she has been working for the company.

She is a parent of two kids who attended the same school together. She enjoys working in a creative setting with a committed staff that serves the school’s kids, teachers, and families, according to the website for the institution.

She, therefore, discusses her family’s experience at the school with incoming families as an admissions associate.

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Matthew And Leslie Married Life Details

For most of his life, Matthew has kept his love life private. In 2020, when the 56-year-old was entering his early 50s, he finally got hitched.

He wed Leslie Steven in July 2020; however, based on a photo of them on Leslie’s Facebook profile, they appear to have been dating for a while.

She already has a son and a daughter from her previous relationship. Nothing is known about her prior marriage.

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However, the actor adores the kids and has a close relationship with them. In an interview, he revealed to Pop Culture Retro how he watched Little House on the Prairie with them.

There are few facts regarding his marriage or previous relationships; however, his wife shared a photo of them on their wedding day on her Facebook page. They received many congratulations for their weddings from her family and friends.

Details On Matthew labyorteaux’s Brother And Family

Patrick Labyorteaux and Jane Labyorteaux’s adopted brother is Matthew. Ronald Labyorteaux, a talent agent, and Frances Marshall, an actress, adopted all siblings.

When the couple adopted Matthew, he was just ten months old. He had a hole in his heart when he was born, but he later found a loving home and met his older brother Patrick.

People first noticed him when they saw him escorting his brother Patrick to a casting call, which launched his career in the entertainment sector.

While battling autism for the first five years of his existence, his older sibling was already well-known as a child actress.

He began acting in commercials when he was seven and quickly received a part in A Woman Under the Influence. The character of Albert Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, the Ingalls family’s adopted son, experienced his first professional success.

But in 1976, he made his television debut there as a young Charles Ingalls. From 1978 through 1983, he was cast regularly in the show, which helped him become well-known in the business.

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From 1977 to 1981, his brother also played the part of Andrew “Andy” Garvey. On the CBS television shows JAG and NCIS, Patrick plays Bud Roberts.

In his later years, Matthew turned to voice acting, and from 2005 to 2008, he was known for delivering the voices of Jaden Yuki and The Supreme King in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

His art can be found in ads, video games, animated films, and television shows. In 1992, he also founded a Youth Rescue Fund with his brother.

The foundation, founded to assist children in need by raising money for children’s shelters around the nation, is no longer active.

The son of Patrick and Tina Albanese, Jeau Bennett Labyorteaux, was born in 1998. His birth year is 2001.

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