Matteo Berrettini Parents, Family Origin & Ethnicity: Meet Claudia Bigo And Luca Berrettini

The well-known tennis player Matteo Berrettini is the child of Claudia Berrettini and the late Luca Bigo.

Berrettini is currently ranked sixth in the world for singles, a position he attained in January 2022. The ATP website lists him as No. 105 in the doubles category.

Currently, the tennis pro is taking part in the US Open. On Friday, September 2, 2022, he will take on Andy Murray, the top-ranked player in the world.

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Matteo Berrettini Parents: Meet Claudia Bigo And Luca Berrettini

On April 12, 1996, Matteo Berrettini was born in Rome, Italy. He is Claudia Bigo and Luca Berrettini’s oldest child.

The parents of Berrettini are well aware of their son’s accomplishments at such a young age. They both used to play tennis, which served as a motivation for the aspiring tennis great.

Matteo was introduced to sports for the first time by Claudia and Luca. The fact that they were in his box at the US Open in 2019 shows that they occasionally travel to watch their son compete.

Matteo developed later than the bulk of other players in his rank. He started taking part in Grand Slam competitions as a teenager.

While Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer each won their first Slams at age 21, Nadal was ranked second in the world when he was 19.

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Berrettini, on the other hand, was thinking about tennis scholarships for college.

According to a GQ remark from Matteo, “I finished high school and my parents asked me, ‘Do you want to go to college in the US? Would you like to begin college in Italy? Give me a few years, guys, and let’s see where I can get to, I pleaded. I’m going to try something else if I don’t get to the level I want to,”

Matteo Berrettini Family Origin & Ethnicity

Although Matteo Berrettini is Italian, his family is mixed-race. Florence is where his paternal line originates.

However, his mother’s side is from South America. His grandmother, Lucia Fogaca, is from Rio de Janeiro and is Brazilian.

Jacopo, Berrettini’s younger sibling, was born on November 27, 1998. He plays tennis professionally as well. Since he was eight years old, Matteo has been working out alongside his brother Jacopo.

Luca Berrettini: Who Is Matteo Berrettini Father?

Luca Berrettini, Matteo Berrettini’s father, is a former tennis player. He participated in numerous competitions while representing Italy till 2015.

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Matteo’s father discussed how he and his wife Claudia were able to turn their son Matteo into an athlete in an interview. He declared

“Luca,” claimed, “He was never coerced. After giving up tennis for two years while also participating in judo and swimming, Matteo was persuaded to pick up the racket by his brother.”

Who Is Claudia Bigo? Meet Matteo Berrettini Mother

Claudia Bigo, Matteo Berrettini’s mother, played club tennis as well. She has always provided her son with constructive guidance.

In a conversation, Claudia stated: “Matteo was a close friend to his brother and was very sensitive. He was observing everything with his eyes, both in tennis and at school.”

She also mentioned that Matteo, who was only eight years old, already resembled a teenager. She was genuinely struck by her son’s outlook.

Added Matteo “He broke his knee when he was 18 years old, and this year his ankle experienced a similar set of issues. But each time he restarts, he becomes more enthusiastic.”

Claudia Bigo has discussed her son’s friendship with Australian player Alja Tomljanovic in an interview. She was overjoyed to hear about them, but as of June 2022, they are no longer together.

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