The American comedian Matt Rife has a net worth of $2 million. Matt has built a lucrative profession for himself.

All this attention is because his new special, “Matthew Steven Rife,” will soon air on television. Despite being 27 years old, he has already been in countless live performances, tours, TV series, and films.

His shows might go as long as 90 minutes. His unique selling point is his proficiency in improvised humor. In March 2012, he performed at his first paid comedy show.

He placed second in the Bay Area Comedy Competition in 2013. Within the same year, he became a member of the Comedy Lounge.

It’s not just the Laugh Factory where he’s performed; he’s worked at various clubs. He was a bright youngster who graduated from Harvard.

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How Much Does Matt Rife Earn?

A recent estimate places Matt Rife’s wealth at $2 million. As a successful stand-up comedian, Matt has several streams of income.

This new special, “Matthew Steven Rife,” is dedicated to his grandfather, a major creative inspiration who passed away.

He was just 15 when he realized he had a knack for humor, and his grandfather was the one who encouraged him to pursue it as a career.

A decade ago, he was an ambitious comedian looking to impact the industry. These days, tickets to his tours consistently sell out quickly.

On the video-sharing platform YouTube, he also has a sizable presence. You can see the teaser for his newest special on his verified channel.

While he has extensive experience in the industry, it was when he began uploading videos to TikTok in 2020 that his career took off.

Naturally endowed with charisma, an excellent appearance, and a gift for comedy, he quickly rose to the top of his industry.

In the end, the audience’s reaction was a mixed bag. So much so that some people are hoping he gets a stand-up special on Netflix.

Many of his TikTok videos have been seen over 50 million times. To have accomplished so much is remarkable.

Although he has been performing stand-up for more than a decade, the advent of social media has allowed him to reach a bigger audience.

His LinkedIn page claims that he used to be handled by SoReckless Entertainment when he was a stand-up comic.

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His new comedy special premiered on Moment World worldwide on Valentine’s Day, 2023. Pre-sale tickets were available for anyone who wanted to be the first to see it.

Matt’s Chipped Shoulder Tour kicked off in Los Angeles on January 4, marking the beginning of the tour’s first quarter.

It has already begun in several locations, including Boston, Raleigh, Atlanta, and others, and will last through April 1.

Like any other popular online character, Matt Trife has a website (mattrifeofficial) where fans can find details about his upcoming shows and purchase tickets.

The artist also makes money off of selling merchandise bearing his name. Those who purchase a VIP upgrade to his concert will have access to a special merchandise tent where they can purchase exclusive autographed merchandise directly from the artist.

All he wants to do is make people chuckle. Because there is so much violence and hatred in the world now, he thinks comedy is more important than ever.

Find Out Matt Rife’s Net Worth

Matt Rife has a net worth of two million dollars. Gains every month might be anything from $532 to $8500.

The typical income for a stand-up comedian in the United States is between $166,400 and $74,880, as reported by Comparably.

He now has over 213,000 subscribers on his YouTube account. According to Social Blade, he makes anything from $6,400 per year to $10,22,000 per year through the video-sharing website.

He may make $75,000 a year as one of the best performers in his industry. He has millions of devoted online-only fanatics who watch his every move.

Hence, he earns money via paid endorsements, sponsorships, and business deals. According to Shopify, he is a massive influencer with over a million Instagram followers.

A promotional post from him can cost as much as ten thousand dollars. Similarly, he has amassed 8.1 million TikTok fans. With each sponsored post, he gets roughly $7,000.

His professional email address is listed on his TikTok profile. Matt secured a lucrative deal with the maker of a natural muscle rub called Quanta in April 2019.

If they used his discount code, they would save 20%. No more tickets are available for the Chipped Shoulder Tour with Matt.

Cheap tickets to see Matt Rife are available for $72, with the average price being $179. Vivid Seats lists the price of a seat in row C, section C, at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston as $893, with a fee of $245 for a seat in row J.

Priced at just $8927, these are the finest tickets in the house. More expensive Meet & Greet sessions can be arranged for secluded areas and last for three minutes.

Up to December 17, 2023, you may catch him live. The Naples, Florida comedy club Off the Hook is closing after this weekend.

Ohio, New York, California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin are just a few of the stops on his tour. Matt’s merch sales are an additional source of income. On his site, you can buy a unisex red flag T-shirt for $35.

A trucker cap personalized with his initials also retails for $30. Several web shops are selling his wares. Additionally, there is a shipping terminal for your convenience.

T-shirts with the phrase “Bout That Rife” printed on them are available for $24. You may also purchase Matt Rife outerwear, including hoodies, vests, and jackets.

TV Shows And Movies Matt Rife Did

Matt Rife is an accomplished actor in several films and popular TV shows, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine. ‘North of the 10’ is set to be released in 2022 and is one of the actor-newest comedian’s ventures.

Here, he played the part of Matt Downes. He was still having trouble making ends meet in 2017. He was fortunate enough to be featured on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” at that time.

He also filmed scenes for “Deadpool 2” that year. In June 2019, he announced to his Instagram followers that he would compete in the ‘Bring The Funny’ event on NBC.

The comedy series Burb Patrol features Rife as the character Alex for ten episodes. In the film “Stalked by My Doctor,” he played the character made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Matt has also been featured in films including “After Masks,” “The Debt,” “Black Pumpkin,” and many more. He gained a lot of notoriety as a result.

In the TV comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Matt had a minor part as Brandon Bliss. On the other hand, his impression of the audience was profound.

He also played in the ABC comedy series “Fresh Off the Boat.” Several of his future endeavors are now in the planning stages. Since December 2022, he has been represented by the prestigious Creative Artists Agency.

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