Matt Bomer Husband Simon Halls Is The Founder Of SLATE PR Firm

Actor and producer Matt Bomer is married to the founder of the SLATE PR firm, Simon Halls.

Simon Halls is among the busiest publicists in Hollywood. Several well-known A-list performers, singers, and other subject-matter experts are among his clients. These well-known actors are Sam Mendes, Joe Wright, Ryan Murphy, John Wells, Annette Bening, and Neil Patrick Harris.

His PR staff also works with more than 450 other companies and these few well-known clients. More than 200 Emmy Awards and more than 50 Academy Awards have also been nominated for SLATE PR clients.

Simon Halls rarely appears in the media. He prefers to keep his private matters under wraps. Her husband, Matt Bomer, posts a few of their Instagram moments on his social media page.

Simon and Matt are currently living together happily. Their three sons are also present with them.

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Simon Hall Wife And Married Life

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls have been a blissful pair since 2011. The intricacies of their relationship were unknown before Bomer announced his engagement to Halls in 2014.

Bomer revealed the information in a comprehensive magazine issue.

Halls and Bomer fell in love when Halls was hired as his publicist. Soon after that, they started dating.

Only a small number of their loved ones saw their marriage at their wedding ceremony.

Who Are Simon Halls Children?

Children of Matt, Simon, and others Kit, Henry, and Walker are the three children of Matt and Simon.

In 2005, Kit was born via a surrogate mother. Kit, who is currently 17 years old, is in his late teens.

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After graduating from the University of Southern California, he began working for Warner Brothers in the PR section. Working for Warner Brothers only lasted a short while.

He was then the public relations manager for the first McDonald’s location in Russia. He worked there for two years before departing for the USA.

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Career Info Of Simon Hall

As soon as he got back, he started working as an account manager at BWR Public Relations, where he was in charge of a media campaign for celebrities like Jude Law and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others.

He and his business partner established Huvane Baum Halls, a boutique agency in Hollywood, in 1995. Immediate success led him and his business partner to sell it to Interpublic Group in 2001, combining it with PMK to form PMK/HBH.

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From 2000 until 2010, Halls served as the company’s CEO, and over $15 million in annual revenue was produced.

In 2010, Halls and his business partners founded SLATE PR after leaving PMK/HBH.

On the 2012 power list from Out Magazine, Halls came in at number 46. He spoke with Stephen Huvane about his ranking as a business partner.

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