Mathew Baynton Partner, Married Life, And Children Details

Kelly Robinson, the spouse of actor Matthew Baynton, is a filmmaker. Across The Sea is a short film that Kelly directed and wrote.

Mathew’s most well-known roles are in Yonderland, Ghosts, and Horrible Histories. Many of his 118.1k Twitter followers are curious about his wife, who works in Hollywood but keeps a low profile.

She seldom makes an appearance in the media. Her boyfriend, though, is a regular fixture in the spotlight and hence has a more extensive fan base. Despite their apparent differences, they’ve been dating since they were both in their late teens.

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Mathew Baynton’s Partner, Kelly

Kelly Robinson, married to filmmaker Mathew Baynton, is also a writer. Kelly does the job off-camera, while Mathew does the work on camera.

Kelly was born in Chertsey, England, on May 1, 1990. Robinson is an established director and co-owner of the film production business Boo Bop Boo.

She is particularly interested in bringing attention to the overlooked women in cinema. Thus she has focused her publishing efforts on the silent era and made silent films the focus of the Birds Eye View film festival.

The director’s debut short film, Across The Sea, was written and directed by her. It’s well-known that she also works as a film historian.

In this way, the film’s visual storytelling evokes Roger Ebert’s observation that cinema is “like a machine that creates empathy.”

In 2015, Kelly earned the Best Direction award at the Women’s Independent Film Festival, and the film won Best International Short at the Roma Cinemadoc. It premiered at the 2016 Aspen Shortfest.

Married Life Of Mathew And Kelly

The marriage between Matthew and Kelly lasted for almost ten years. The location of their London home is in the Southend neighborhood.

In an interview with Glamour, he said they first met when he was 19. Their relationship dates back to their university years.

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His son likes pink, and he has no plans to discourage him from wearing it or tell him it is a girl’s color because he believes children should be allowed to wear whatever they like.

After meeting Kelly, though, he began to reevaluate his beliefs. When he was younger, he considered feminism obsolete.

But after talking to her, he saw the subtle ways sexism manifested in everyday life and recognized how far we still need to go.

Mathew And Kelly’s Son

Young Bo Baynton, son of actor Mathew Baynton, has appeared in an episode of Horrible Histories. After a long day at work, Mathew and Kelly enjoy spending time at home in Essex with their two children.

Ida and Bo are their two kids. Ida was born in 2016, while Bo was born in 2011. The family, however, has never been seen in public together, so they avoid the limelight.

Mathew has one and only one social media profile, and he seldom shares details about his life on Twitter. Kelly, his wife, has never joined any social media sites.

As a result, the fans have yet to learn how they spend quality time together as a family. However, in an interview with Film Freeway, Kelly revealed the first connection between her maternity experience and the inspiration for Across the Sea.

She felt like she was suddenly thrust into a new world after having her first child. She sensed that others were judging her or treating her differently.

But one day, while strolling through a park, she observed some youngsters passing the time and connected with them. When she thought about how she felt as a mother, she realized they were in the same boat.

As a result, she was moved to pen the novel Across the Sea, which centers on a youngster and his mother and their profoundly moving shared experience.

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