Martine Biron

Martine Biron, a daily political analyst of Quebec politics for Radio-Canada, has gained notoriety as a result of her expected candidacy for the Coalition Avenir Québec in the 2017 Chutes-de-la-Chaudière election.

  • Martine is the political analyst who holds the Canadian citizenship.
  • Martine Biron will run for office in Chutes-de-la-Chaudière as a candidate for the Coalition Avenir Québec on October 3, 2022.

Age Of Martine Biron

Despite working in the media, the expert from Quebec has kept her age a secret. We estimate that she is in her 50s based on a quick glance at her photos.

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She is a native of Canada from Quebec, albeit the media is unaware of the specifics of her birthdate.

Martine, who is of Canadian descent, transitions from the world of journalism to that of provincial politics analysis and Canada reporter in preparation for her campaign for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) in the next elections.

Martine Biron Wikipedia Bio

For Quebec politics daily, Martine is now the political analyst.

Luce Julien, the head of information for the state-owned business, confirmed hearing the news on Wednesday. Martine Biron requested an unpaid leave of absence till the election. Naturally, the journalist will have to resign from her position if she prevails.

The next week, the CAQ’s communications director, Claude Potvin, was present at a news conference to officially announce the party’s candidate in Chutes-de-la-Chaudière.

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A political analyst and reporter for Canada are slated to run for the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) in the upcoming elections.

Just two months before the election on October 3, the Léger poll found that if Québec Solidaire (QS) were in charge of the election, more than twice as many Quebecers would support the CAQ as the Liberals or QS.

The results of the poll, according to, indicated that the CAQ was clearly in the lead because 44 percent of respondents declared support for the candidate.

Husband Of Martine Biron

Martine, a candidate in the next election, has shielded the media from seeing her marital life. As a result, we are unable to access her marital life.

Unfortunately, there is no information in the media concerning marriage and raising kids.

After the incumbent MP for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Marc Picard, declared he would resign from office at the conclusion of his term to care for his critically sick wife. She declared her intention to run for office. He served as the district’s representative for 19 years.

Net Worth Of Martine Biron In 2022

Martine Biron’s net worth as of July 2022 must be between $11 million and $3 million.

Martine, a candidate for office, will make the majority of her money in the future from her journalism and business advantages.

The Glassdoor website states that as of August 2022, the average yearly wage for a journalist in Canada is CA$54,061. The compensation range for a Radio Canda employee is $66,000 to $126,000.

In addition, the pay for Canadian journalists varies according to their experience and job classification. The median compensation for news reporters is CA$53,701, the Broadcast Journalist income is CA$58,303, the Editor salary is CA$59,418, and the Journalism salary is CA$58,303.

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