Martha Kearney Partner, Married Life And Children

Chris Shaw, the husband of Martha Kearney, works as both an Executive Producer and Editorial Director for ITN. Chris has served as the News at Ten program’s editor.

Martha works as a writer and radio host and is of British and Irish descent. She served as the primary host of The World at One, the BBC Radio 4 news program broadcast around lunchtime for eleven years.

And in April 2018, she became a regular host on the Today programme. The birthplace of the actress is Dublin, Ireland, on October 8, 1957.

She had a very intellectual upbringing. Hugh Kearney, her father, was a historian who taught at both Sussex and Edinburgh.

She graduated from George Waston’s Ladies College, Edinburgh, and then attended St. Anne’s College, Oxford, to study classics until 1980. Along with her studies at Oxford, she spent her last years volunteering at a radio hospital.

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Martha Kearney’s Husband, Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw, Martha Kearney’s husband, is an executive producer. Since their wedding in 2001, Martha and Chris have been happily married.

The United States of America is the place of Shaw’s birth. A definitive birth date for him remains unknown, though. Chris is well-known in the film industry but doesn’t let his private life make headlines.

Chris’s films Frontline, Watani: My Homeland, and Ross Noble’s AustralianTrip have earned him acclaim worldwide as a producer.

He prefers working on television programs to starring in full-length movies. In 2012, he received BAFTA Award nominations.

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His work as a producer for Frontline earned him an Emmy in 2017. He gave the trophies to the show’s other executives and directors to split.

In 2017, Frontline earned its producer a second Emmy nomination, this time in the Best Documentary category.

He also discussed the year’s most talked-about event, the Oscars’ 2017 ceremony, where La La Land was wrongly named the best picture winner.

Chris now holds the position of executive director at ITN. Before that, he was the Head of News, Current Affairs, and Documentary at C5. Active since at least January 2023, he has amassed 452 Twitter followers.

How Is Martha And Chris Relationship?

In front of their friends and family, Martha and Chris tied the knot in July 2001. They had a small ceremony in Depwade, Norfolk, and exchanged vows in front of their closest family and friends.

The two met and fell in love while attending Oxford together. They started dating, and they haven’t stopped being together since. Together, they like going on hikes and bike rides.

Martha mentioned they enjoy visiting the nearby farmer’s market to stock up on various foodstuffs. They like to live quietly out of the spotlight.

The pair uprooted to Bury St. Edmunds to be closer to her family. In addition to their regular coffee dates, they frequently visit her relatives.

They met in college, where Martha’s parents first became a couple. Her mother was a student of her father’s before the two got married. Her two younger brothers were a big part of Martha’s life in Dublin.

She and her parents spent part of their vacation in Ireland, where her aunt and uncle celebrated their golden.

Martha and Chris have close relationships with their parents and often spend time with them over coffee and conversation.

Chris and Martha do not have any offspring. Most likely, they have full schedules due to their success in their chosen fields.

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