Mark Rober, an American YouTuber, is married to Lisa Rober. 

Mark Rober introduced his viewers to a new facet of his life on YouTube. Former NASA engineer Mark offers his perspective on his autistic son. His son has never appeared on his show before.

His wife Lisa works as a software architect for a large IT company. Mark Rober, a scientist, is well-known. He became well-known by making videos about intriguing science topics and do-it-yourself tasks.

He has been interested in engineering since he was a small child, and after graduating from college, he even worked as an engineer at two of the most renowned tech companies in the world: Apple and NASA.

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Mark Rober Wife Lisa Rober Is A Software Architecture

Mark Rober is married to Lisa Rober, an Apple software architect. Earlier, a salad-eating shot of Mark’s wife in the boomerang style was shown.

Fans noticed that she was donning a shirt that featured her name on an apple tag. At this point, their relationship had lasted more than ten years.

Despite the fact that Mark has millions of fans and is a well-known scientist. On his YouTube page, he posted a 2012 video of him and his wife Lisa together.

Their one son is fiercely protected by them. The cause of this is their child’s autism spectrum disorder. The Truth About My Son is a video that Mark uploaded to his YouTube account one year ago.

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He discusses how his son’s autism makes it challenging for him to be in crowded areas. He talked about the difficulties and the interests of his son.

Mark said that his son’s favorite activity was writing letters. He always makes small talk with anyone, even complete strangers. Ask them about their favorite color among many other things.

While he is alone, he also writes letters for the people and mails them to their addresses. Mark and Lisa have supported their son from the start, accepting and loving him for who he is.

Mark Robert frequently addresses the topic of autism on his blog and has evolved into a champion for debunking common misconceptions about the condition.

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Meet American YouTuber Mark Rober

Mark Rober, an American YouTuber, is well known for his various comic and scientific videos. Prior to this, Engineer Mark worked for some of the biggest companies in the world.

As of the time of this writing, he had 3.1 billion views and 23 million followers since starting to use YouTube in 2011. He refers to himself as a “friend of science,” and engineering has always piqued his interest.

Before joining YouTube, he worked for NASA for nine years. He spent seven years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Curiosity Rover.

Later, he worked for NASA as the project’s principal architect for JPL Wired. Mark worked as a product designer for Apple after leaving NASA, where he developed patents for the use of virtual reality (VR) in autonomous vehicles.

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He started making videos for YouTube. He usually had millions of viewers for his movies, which attracted a lot of attention.

From Halloween traditions to advancements in water filtration, Mark has written about a wide range of science-related topics.

Numerous well-known channels, like CBS, Discovery Channel, and many more, featured his Halloween customs. He has appeared on many shows, including the well-known TEDx.

He also runs CrunchLab, a website where users can learn how to build different engineering toys from scratch. The website was made by a small group of computer geeks.

The year before, Mark was named STEM Personality of the Year. He was also given an Honorary Fellowship by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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