Despite being married to Hugh O’Leary, Lizz Truss had an affair with married Tory MP Mark Field, which was made public in 2006. The affair led to Tory’s divorce from his wife, but Truss’s marital status with her spouse remained the same.

The only negative event was when Conservative voters in her Norfolk district demanded that she be removed from office because they felt they were misinformed about the situation.

Liz Truss is anticipated to triumph handily in the Tory leadership vote on Monday and take over as No. 10. If she succeeds, she will be joined in Downing Street by her husband of 22 years, Hugh O’Leary, and their two daughters.

The current Foreign Secretary has kept her personal life under wraps while serving on the political front lines, with her spouse remaining in the background. But if she is selected to be the next prime minister, her family will undoubtedly be in the spotlight.

Political shape-shifter, Lizz Truss: CNN

Now lets talk about Lizz Truss’s background.

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Who Is Lizz Truss Husband?

Hugh O’Leary, the husband of Lizz Truss, is a certified public accountant who studied econometrics and quantitative economics at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Hugh O’Leary and Lizz Truss embarked on a date after getting to know each other during the 1997 Tory Party convention. The Foreign Secretary mentioned their first date in an initial interview and said, “I invited him ice skating, and he sprained his ankle.

Lizz Truss spotted with her husband Hugh O’Leary: itv

But the injury didn’t stop him, and three years later, they married and moved to southeast London’s Greenwich. The couple’s relationship suffered in 2006 after it was revealed that Ms Truss had an affair with former Tory MP Mark Field between 2004 and 2005.

Mr O’Leary remained by her after the information was made public, and they haven’t discussed their relationship since. In a 2019 interview with You Magazine, Truss was asked about the relationship and responded, “I am genuinely happy married.”

Liz Truss referred to her “dry-witted” spouse as the “heart of my life” on Valentine’s Day three years prior. The daughters of Truss and O’Leary are 16-year-old Frances and 13-year-old Liberty.

Details On Lizz Truss Children

With her spouse Hugh O’Leary, Lizz Truss is the mother of two kids: Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13. To provide their children with a regular existence away from the spotlight, the Truss family has withheld their precise identity from the media.

Truss is highly protective of her kids and excludes them from her conferences and media appearances. Hugh, her husband, takes after their children while working from home. John Kenneth and Priscilla Mary Truss gave birth to Lizz in Oxford, England.

Hugh O’Leary stood by his wife after revelations of her affair with Mark Field friendly and quiet: telegraph

From an early age, people have called her by her middle name. Lizz’s mother was a nurse, a teacher, and a supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. She was descended from a Latin teacher at Bolton School.

Her father was a retired University of Leeds professor of pure mathematics. Her parents are “on the left of Labor,” according to Truss. Later, when Truss decided to run for Parliament as a Conservative, her mother agreed to run her campaign while her father declined.

Lizz Truss’s Tax Policy

Liz Truss has said she would proceed with her plans for the UK to be a low-tax economy with a decreased emphasis on wealth transfer under her reign despite objections from senior Tories.

It was also reported that Truss, who is expected to become the next prime minister, was considering fixing energy prices for the winter at up to £100 billion.

When questioned about her position on national insurance, she claimed that it was improper to assess all economic policy through the “lens of redistribution,” stating that it was acceptable that her planned tax cut would benefit the wealthiest people 250 times more than the poorest.

UK Next Prime Minister, Lizz: CNN

While economists cautioned against relying solely on economic growth to bridge income inequalities because doing so could increase inequities, conservative grandees expressed worries about a doctrinal approach.

Suppose it turns out that she defeats Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership contest. In that case, the foreign secretary will fly to Balmoral on Tuesday to receive the Queen’s official confirmation that she will take Boris Johnson’s position in Downing Street.

If elected, Truss promised prompt aid with energy prices in her lone in-depth interview with the media during the two-month Tory leadership campaign, which was conducted after voting was over. She didn’t elaborate, though.

Quick Facts

Full NameMary Elizabeth Truss
Birth DateJuly 26, 1975
Birth PlaceOxford, United Kingdom
SpouseHugh O’Leary
PartyConservative Party

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