Mariam Hadid

Mariam Hadid, a Muslim hijabi girl who lately found herself in controversy, has received criticism from the Islamic community for her recent TikTok and Reddit posts.

Ivy League engineer, comedian, social media sensation, and gamer Mariam Hadid. She has over 81.3k followers on her TikTok account, where she is well-known for her video content, and her videos get millions of views. Additionally, her Instagram account has 286.2k likes.

After receiving criticism from the Islamic Community, Hadid has recently been trending on the internet. Hadid has been under fire from the community because of the filthy things she has posted on her social media pages.

Hadid continues to produce material and is quite active on social media despite receiving some harsh criticism. As of the right moment, she frequently uploads her vlogs and comedies on TikTok.

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Who Is Mariam Hadid On TikTok? Her Wikipedia Bio

Mariam Hadid does not have a page on Wikipedia. She was raised in the US and is well-known online. Internet model Mariam Hadid is active on Reddit and TikTok.

She is quite frank about subjects like pre-marital sex and having several partners for a female, which are exceedingly prohibited in Islam and punishable by law, unlike other hijabi models, according to Medium.

Additionally, she is a well-known Onlyfans model who earns enough money to maintain her standard of living and more than some of her Ivy League professors.

Hadid is renowned for using satire to inform her fans on TikTok and Reddit about the violence and errors she encountered when reading the Quran, the holy book of Islam.

According to Medium, Mariam’s life was forever altered when she and her partner watched Omar, an Islamic religious series that depicts the development of Islam.

Since then, she has been bringing up Quranic problems online and interacting with her fans through social media. She frequently engages her audience in a conversation about her personal life and religion.

Although Mariam currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, she has remained a mum regarding her ancestry. Her origins, according to certain sources, can be found in Arab nations.

Mariam Hadid Age

As of 2022, Mariam Hadid’s age could range from 25 to 30.

She hasn’t yet made any online disclosures on her real age or birthday, though.

Although the model currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, neither her hometown nor place of birth have been identified.

Mariam Hadid Religion And Islam Community Controversy

Mariam Hadid has recently been the target of criticism from the Muslim community.

Her social media posts are primarily to blame for her response from the Christian community.

She is seen making light of the defects, errors, and brutality contained in the Quran while interacting with her followers. Others have objected, while some have praised her substance.

As many of us take the subject lightly, Hadid is seen talking openly about pre-marital affairs and women having several partners on her TikTok. However, these topics are frowned upon in Islam and are even illegal by law.

In an interview with Medium, Hadid disclosed that because of her social media posts, she has even gotten death threats from other Muslims.

Mariam Hadid Receiving Criticism For Hijab And Clothing Videos

Mariam Hadid is currently facing criticism for her online clothes and hijab videos.

In a prior TikTok content video, Mariam responded to the criticism by saying, “If statements questioning your ideas offend you, then you might need to re-evaluate your convictions.”

Internet users are criticizing others for reporting her account as they speak. She’s an atheist and advocates for the freedom of blasphemy and religious disagreement, one person tweeted.

“I haven’t seen her criticize any other faith save Islam, though. As a result of the things I’ve seen, I genuinely fear for her. Guys, if you see her tiktok account, report it.”

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