Maria Bamford Husband And Their Married Life Details Revealed

Maria Bamford’s husband, Scott Marvel Cassidy, is a professional painter. Scott is an LA-based visual artist.

Stand-up comedian Bamford of the United States is well-known for her bleak and self-deprecating humor, which often includes jokes about her sadness and anxiety and funny depictions of her dysfunctional family.

Her choice of subject matter can be divisive, although critics like Jude Apatow have hailed Bamford as “the funniest woman in the world” for her stand-up comedy.

Bamford, also an actor, has provided her voice for various animated TV series and films, most notably as Tito in the Netflix original series Big Mouth and Kelsey Jannings in the animated series Bojack Horseman.

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Maria Bamford’s Husband, Scott Marvel Cassidy

Maria Bamford’s husband, Scott Marvel Cassidy, is a professional artist. Scott uses art as therapy for his anxiety and bipolar depression.

The actor has been showing his work in Los Angeles for over twenty years, both in group and solo shows. Even before then, in 1994, he had shown his artwork in several Philadelphia galleries.

Cassidy isn’t confined to painting on canvas; he works with woodcuts and plastic. Aside from painting, he has also dabbled in conceptual sculpture.

The artist told Less Art that the non-narrative themes in his paintings usually revolve around his uneasiness, self-absorption, and OCD experiences in his local surroundings.

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The artist paints more as a kind of meditation than an act of devotion and does it for its purpose. Arthritis, though, causes him to have hand cramps after a long day of painting.

The artists’ oil paintings handpicked by him during covid were displayed at his presentation in early February.

Maria Bamford, his wife, stole the show during his LA exhibit, Maria and Marketa, because of her inclusion in the painting. In the painting “Maria and Marketa in Quarantine,” Bamford portrays Marketa.

In addition to being Cassidy’s primary creative inspiration, “Her dedication to her craft and her talent as an actress and author are motivational examples to follow.

She’s a fantastic source of emotional backbone. “With Less Art, the artist spoke lovingly of his wife. In addition, he has experimented with acting.

The Netflix series Lady Dynamite, based on his wife’s life, starred him as Lance Banner. Other works of his include In the Realms of the Unreal and Comedic Timing.

How Many Years Have Maria And Scott Been Married For?

For some years now, Maria and Scott have been happily married. Since their wedding in 2015, the pair has seldom spent time apart.

Bamford and Scott’s engagement announcement in 2014 made their previously secret romance public knowledge.

In August 2014, she took to Twitter to share the exciting news of her engagement, writing that she was “ready for four lift-offs” with her Booboo.

A previous remark on an Instagram photo of her and Scott said, “Official engagement photo?” She announced her engagement to the musician only a few days later.

In 2015, Maria and Scott married the wedding in front of close relatives and friends. The pair, dressed as hotdogs for their first dance, was having the time of their lives.

They were the “Hot Dogs of Love,” as one wedding guest put them, and they made everyone cry. Scott, ever the ideal spouse, attended his stand-up comic wife on her tour dates at the beginning of April.

per Bamford, the pair conducted their celebrations in the Delta Skylounge before taking off on Easter, or Jesus’s second round.

While waiting for their trip to Dublin, Bamford posted a photo of the pair donning bunny ears headbands and looking as cute as ever.

Whenever Bamford and her boyfriend Scott go out to eat, it’s always an exciting and memorable experience. The happy couple sat in a booth, and Bamford proudly shared the photo on her social media accounts.

“The Bubba and Hubba at Fred 62. In a booth with the cool kids and some grilled veggies, “commented the comical user as a caption.

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