Iris Tritsaris Jondahl, Marcus Ericsson’s girlfriend, is a Greek fashion model. Weeks before the Indianapolis 500 in 2022, Marcus started dating her.

After Ericsson’s victory in the Indianapolis 500 in May 2022, the two passionate individuals exchanged a kiss on the stage. The Indy 500 Championship victory marked Ericsson’s third significant triumph in the IndyCar Series.

In 2021, the Swedish professional racer also won the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, held in Michigan. He has also competed in races for Formula One, GP 2, and Formula Renault 3.5.
The 32-year-old racer was upset that he finished the 2022 season in sixth place, even though the year before, he had won the Indianapolis 500.

Marcus Ericsson and Iris Tritsaris Jondahl Relationship: Find Their Dating Life, First Meet, And Love Life

Influnencer Tritsaris Jondahl

Fashion influencer Iris Tritsaris Jondahl is well-known. Iris, who is currently residing in Copenhagen, is originally from Greece.

On March 12, 2000, Tritsaris Jondahl was conceived. She is a young Greek model who is 22 years old. Bo and Katerina Tritsaris Jondahl are Iris’s parents.

Alongside her brother Gustav, she grew up. She saw a sharp rise in fame once her relationship with the Swedish racing driver was made public.

Her gorgeous features and modern style earned her a large social media following. Iris has 53 posts and 23.2K followers on Instagram.

Each of her posts can be viewed as the pinnacle of contemporary style decisions and trends. She displays clothing, accessories, and cosmetic products that combine nicely with her distinctive fashion sense.

Iris shared a photo of herself in all-black clothing in October 2022, including her spectacles, the coffee mug she was carrying, a long coat, a one-piece outfit, and the wall painting.

Also, her Instagram bio says that she was born in Greece, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and sometimes visits her partner in Indiana, USA.

Iris also enjoys eating and exploring new places, judging by her social media activity. She enjoys sampling new dishes, traveling to different places, and experiencing the local cuisine. Jondahl has also made several Instagram story highlights to keep track of her various hobbies.

For instance, the Trips area contains all her tour and vacation information, and the Food part contains all her meal-related stuff. Similarly, she highlights her family’s special moments in the Family section.

Timeline Of Relationships With Marcus Ericsson

In 2022, Marcus Ericsson first had contact with his girlfriend, Iris Jondahl. A short time after their first meeting, the two started dating.

iris tritsaris jondahl photo

Since then, practically every significant racing event Marcus has participated in has seen the two lovebirds together. Iris joins the audience in supporting him by sitting on the podium.

Officially Began In April 2022

On April 11, 2022, the IndyCar Series driver posted his first photo online. Iris and Marcus strolled through Long Beach, California, during the weekend.

They took a photo on a walkway beside a river with a fantastic view of a lighthouse made even more beautiful by the setting sun.

The day after Marcus’s failure in the ME8 series racing, with Iris’s encouragement, he felt motivated to bounce back.

In May 2022, Iris Attended The Indy 500

The Swedish professional racer used Iris as a good luck charm and won the Indy 500 in May 2022. She saw Marcus win the prized trophy at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during championship week.

Before the game, the two took a photo together, but after the competition was over, things changed. Iris made a graceful exit from the platform to meet Mr. Champion.

They kissed when they first met at the speedway, and then she went for a hug.

Mexico Vacation For June 2022

Iris and Marcus went to Mexico’s Tulum Beach to celebrate their big win. The pair enjoyed their time together on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico’s Caribbean.

He published a photo dump from their brief vacation on June 19, 2022. They can be seen taking advantage of the beaches, palm trees, clear waterways, sand, and sunshine. The two also enjoyed local cuisine while swimming and tanning.

Tour Of Napa Valley In September 2022

In September 2022, Marcus and Iris went to Napa County, located north of San Francisco, California. On Instagram, he shared a video of their 24-hour stay in the picturesque valley.

The video depicts the two riding their bicycles about and taking in the country town. Marcus was grateful for the online hospitality from Rivers-Marie Winery and AXR Napak Valley.

Celebrating The Holiday In 2022 Together

To spend Christmas in 2022, Marcus and Iris travel back to Denmark. They returned from the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in November.

marcus ericsson girlfriend 1200x900 1

Then, in December, they made their way to Copenhagen to spend the holiday season and the year’s conclusion with their relatives.

They made their way to Salen after Christmas to ring in the new year of 2023 by attending a late-night party in the gorgeous village of Sweden’s west.

Erickson, Marcus Before Dating Alexandra Victoria

Before their breakup in 2021, Marcus Ericsson and Alexandra Victoria were dating. Alexandra is an Instagram model as well as a real estate agent.

On Instagram, the Stockholm native has 3.7K followers under the handle @alexandrawictoria.In 2016, the former Formula One racer and Alexandra started dating.

Marcus deleted every photo he exchanged with her on Instagram, but Victoria hasn’t done the same. On January 1, 2021, Alexandra posted her last photo with Marcus before posting her own.

As they made their way to the party in Bastad, Sweden, they appeared sophisticated in their tidy outfits.

After that, the Swedish racing champion isn’t represented by a single image. Additionally, Ericsson posted a photo of them together on his Facebook in June 2018.

They dated for five years, but Marcus never wed Victoria. After the competition, she went to Indianapolis to see the IndyCar races before flying back to Sweden.

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