One of Marcel Spears’s earliest acting roles was on The Neighborhood. He portrayed the youngest kid of Cedric the Entertainer and Tichina Arnold’s characters, Calvin and Tina Butler.

In the comedy The Neighborhood, starring Cedric the Entertainer, the situation where the friendliest man from the Midwest moves with his family to a Los Angeles neighborhood where not everyone looks like him or values his excessive neighborliness is explored.

With the help of his talent, Marcel has been able to perform on the show in front of a large crowd.

Quick Facts About Marcel Spears

Full NameMarcel Spears
ProfessionActor and producer
Birth DateDecember 13, 1988
Age33 years old
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, USA.
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
GirlfriendAmber Chardae
UniversityColumbia University

Marcel Spears Age

On December 13, 1988, Marcel Spears was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is currently 33 years old. Marcel has great pride in his community and its culture because he was raised there.

Despite all that New Orleans has to offer, it might not be the ideal place to begin a successful acting career. He is presently a resident of Los Angeles.

Marcel was certain he wanted to be an actor and was aware of the necessity to use his skills to the fullest. He finished his undergraduate studies and received a master’s degree in acting from Colombia University in 2015.

Marcel Spears Girlfriend Amber Chardae

The path Marcel took to succeed in this field wasn’t an easy one. In an interview with Backstage, he stated that he had been homeless when he discovered that his first television pilot, “The Mayor,” on ABC, had been picked up for a full season.

He and his fiancée, Amber, had been evicted from their home just a few days before to hearing the wonderful news about The Mayor.

The couple went to the neighborhood housing court and requested a stay of eviction when they were unable to come up with the money on their own.

They had ten days to do so, according to the court. Two days later, he learned that “The Mayer” had been picked up.

Marcel Spears Early Life & Family

Marcel was the preacher’s son, therefore the role of faith in his upbringing cannot be exaggerated. Around the time he was nine years old, according to Marcel, his father would sit at the foot of his bed and sew together bible texts.

He would share a story in front of an audience once or twice a week in the hopes that it might help someone’s outlook on life and bring them nearer to God.

Like many other preacher offspring, Marcel’s entry into the family business was widely anticipated. He remarked in an interview with Backstage that it was only reasonable to assume so given he was the preacher’s oldest son and had a flair for public speaking.

Marcel Spears Parents

The family’s eldest son is Marcel. Two brothers and two sisters live with him. They know Marcel well.

Marcel shares a close bond with his parents, too. Despite not being his biological father’s kid, Marcel feels blessed to have him in his life.

When he was just five years old, his biological father died. The man his mother eventually married, though, was equal to his father.

Even Marcel had praised his father for always being there for the family in good times and bad.

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