Anjelah Johnson's Husband: Manwell Reyes Biography, Wikipedia, Ethnicity, Parents And Net Worth
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Manwell Reyes, an American singer-songwriter, actor, and former lead vocalist of Group 1 Crew, is biracial. Explore more about the singer-songwriter in this post.

After the musician wed comedian and ex-NFL cheerleader Anjelah Johnson, his fans became curious about his romantic history and wife.

People are naturally interested in his childhood, upbringing, and the individuals that helped him become the polite man he is.

Quick Facts About Manwell Reyes:

Full NameJose Manwell Reyes
Age42 years old
Birth DateJuly 28, 1980
Birth PlaceFrankfurt, Germany
Zodiac SignLeo
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAnjelah Johnson
ParentsJorge Reyes, Carmen Bultron
ProfessionSongwriter, Rapper, Singer, Actor
Last UpdateAugust 2022

Manwell Reyes Bio Details

Manwell Reyes, the spouse of Anjelah Johnson, completed his undergraduate studies and sought a career in music. He established the band “Group 1 Crew” with his two friends, Blanca Callahan and Pablo Villatoro.

The band’s early years weren’t easy, like every new group beginning in a crowded field. Nevertheless, they were motivated to work toward their goals by their dreams.

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They ultimately became well-known for their music and signed contracts with Fervent Records and Warner Bros. Records.

They debuted in 2007 with the song “Can’t Go On,” which became a massive hit across all streaming sites.

While attending Group 1 Crew shows in 2009, the singer-turned-actor got to know Anjelah Johnson. They began talking and exchanging phone numbers when they met at the club where he was scheduled to perform that evening. They embarked on their first date just a few days later. On June 11, 2011, in California’s Half Moon Bay, the priest married them after they had been dating for two years. For their honeymoon, they purchased a ticket to Europe. They have been married for 11 years but never had a kid. Instead, they enjoy spoiling their nieces and nephews and may eventually consider adoption.

What Is Manwell Reyes Ethnicity?

Manwell Reyes, who is of mixed ancestry, was born in Germany.

However, most of his formative years were spent in Florida, a state in the United States. The 42-year-old singer was born on July 28, 1980.

Manwell was a troublesome young man. He was thus dismissed from three institutions. But when the boy started high school and became a Christian, everything changed.

He also registered for Bible College. He then signed up for Southeastern University. He discovered his singing talent at summer camp. He started a band with his two mates after receiving his degree from the university.

Manwell Reyes Parents Details Explored

Jorge Reyes and Carmen Bultron, Jose Manwell Reyes’ parents, were German citizens. They moved to Florida when his father, a US military officer, was assigned there.

After his parents separated, Manwell was reared by his mother. Before committing himself to Christianity, Reyes was a troubled child who was expelled from three schools throughout his formative years.

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Since he was a little child, Manwell Reyes has had aspirations of becoming a singer.

He was inspired to change into the kind of man we know today by his discovery of Christianity. He was eager to enroll at Bible College after attending Christian summer camps. He fell in love with music there.

How Much Is Manwell Reyes Net Worth?

Manwell’s net worth is estimated by AFFAIR POST to be about $1 million.

The artist hasn’t made his exact net worth or salary information available online.

Anjelah Johnson, his wife, is a former NFL cheerleader who is now an actress, comedian, and someone with a $500k net worth.

Insights On Manwell Reyes Social Media

Manwell Reyes has 58.5k followers on Instagram, active under the handle @manwellreyes.

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Various videos concerning the singer’s new tracks have also been posted online. He signed up for Twitter in November 2008 with the username @manwellreyes and amassed 9,499 followers.

Some FAQs About Manwell Reyes:

What is Manwell Reyes’s full name?

Manwell Reyes’s full name is Jose Manwell Reyes.

What is Manwell Reyes’s ethnicity?

Manwell Reyes’s ethnicity is mixed.

Who are Manwell Reyes’s parents?

Manwell Reyes’s parents are Jorge Reyes And Carmen Bultron

Is Manwell Reyes married?

Manwell Reyes is a married man.

What is Manwell Reyes’s profession?

Manwell Reyes’s profession is Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, and Actor.

What is Manwell Reyes’s zodiac sign?

Manwell Reyes’s zodiac sign is Leo.

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