Nick Gutierrez, Manny Mua’s brother, is a fitness model. Nick’s Instagram reveals that he is a regular gym-goer. Manny was born into a Mormon household and has had to work hard to be where he is now.

His loved ones first struggled to accept his true self and passion for cosmetics. Fearing he would upset his family, he prayed to get over his attraction to males.

He was a flawless infant who was convinced it was his one drawback. However, as time progressed, they learned about the culture and grew to embrace him for who he is now.

Now, even his cosmetics is a source of inspiration for others. Despite the backlash, he hopes any men who enjoy makeup will keep at it.

Already, some look up to him as an inspiration. The 13-year-old girl he encouraged to come out of the closet was featured on one of Kelly Clarkson’s shows.

Although he has a lot of followers online, his most prominent admirers and supporters are members of his own family. His family consists of his mother and father and his two younger brothers.

Image Source: Teen Vogue

Manny Mua’s Sibling, Nick Gutierrez

Nick Gutierrez is Manny Mua’s sibling. You can tell from his Instagram account that he is a fitness model.
In 2018, he and his brother shared a cameo in a YouTube video in which the influencer revealed that the two brothers share housing.

While filming, Nick gave his brother a makeover. He often purchased makeup, got a makeover, or took off his makeup for his brother’s film.

As can be seen in the videos, the brothers appear to have a very close relationship with one another. YouTube also sends birthday greetings to his sibling every year.

Image Source: Twitter

A childhood photo was included with his 2019 birthday greeting. In the caption, he also begged for well-wishes to be sent to his younger brother.

He also owns and operates a firm, Asylum Vi and LDS. Among his most-liked posts is the Asylum Vi release party. As its name suggests, the firm deals in garments of many kinds.

Even while he’s starting to gain his fan base, he’ll always be remembered as Manny’s sibling. Since then, a word about him has spread widely, and he now boasts a tremendous following of over 115,000 individuals.

Parents Of Manny Mua

It was Manny and Greka Mua, Manny’s parents. He and his father both have the same name. Hence his dad is known as Manny Sr., while his online persona is known as Manny Junior.

The makeup artist’s parents are partially responsible for his interest in cosmetics, and he has spoken openly about his experiences coming out.

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he explained that his fascination with cosmetics stems from his mother.

Every morning while he was growing up, he would see her get ready and undergo a complete makeover. Before he fell in love with them, he used to take note of them and find them intriguing.

But as a man who grew up in a Latino environment where neither homosexuality nor guys wearing makeup were topics of conversation, these things were tough for his dad to accept.

After Manny came out as gay to his father, the two drifted apart. Manny Sr. struggled to embrace who he was and his passion for cosmetics.

He also said it was difficult since he didn’t want to make waves in his family. However, his father soon uncovered the Instagram account he’d been using to experiment with drag makeup.

That’s when they finally had an honest discussion about what had been causing tension between them. After years of treatment and fights, the father and son finally have a healthy relationship.

The social media star has previously tweeted that his father is one of his biggest fans since he works for him. They are all connected in some way to Manny’s family business, Lunar beauty.

He and his father discussed his coming out in a YouTube video. His father expressed his pride in his son’s ability to create videos and convey his feelings via them.

He continued by saying that until the few tears he had seen his baby weep, he had no idea his son was sensitive.

For some families where acceptance of their children’s gender identity may be a challenge, he recommended treatment.

However, the YouTuber said that acceptance is a two-way street and that children must be aware that their parents may require time to warm up to them.

He has always felt most safe around his mother. When her husband refused to acknowledge their kid as his true self, it caused a quarrel between the two of them.

She warned him that he would lose his son permanently if he didn’t accept him. He had published a video of himself giving her a makeover. He gave her a fantastic makeover for the video because she is a beauty icon and an inspiration to him.

Aaron Mua Is Another Sibling Of Manny

Aaron Mua is another sibling of Manny. He has a makeover and new life in San Diego after appearing in a YouTube video created by his older brother.

He stated at the conclusion that this would be the first and only time he would appear in the videos, and he has not made another appearance since.

Manny said in the video that he paid his brother to perform. Though he frequently visits San Diego, he was in his brother’s company during the covid epidemic.

He’s currently 23 years old. On camera, he mentioned that he spends his free time mountain biking, fishing, and tinkering with motorcycles.

He stays out of the spotlight and out of the public eye, giving the impression that his personality differs from that of his brothers.

Despite this, the brothers care deeply for one another and have a deep mutual understanding. Many viewers of Manny’s videos have gushed about how much they love him and his family.

Through the videos, he has exposed his family to his audience, and they occasionally make cameo appearances in his uploads.

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