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Entrepreneur and well-known makeup artist Samer Khouzami is self-taught. Yet, he had an unknowing profound enthusiasm for art from an early age.

His reputation extends beyond his work as a makeup artist. He is one of the most seasoned beauty experts, having completed over ten years of fruitful work.

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Make-Up Artist With Brushes

Samer Khouzami is a gifted artist who, with the help of his talent, expertise, and tenacity, advanced to become an expert in contouring and transformations.

His use of every instrument, from brushes to stroke technique, was warmly praised, which boosted his career as a makeup artist.

Samer Khouzami Cosmetics Review

He put his foot into a new commercial toil, establishing a series of global workshop tours. More than 4860 certificates were distributed, from the United States to Australia and everything in between.

He is currently regarded as an expert in makeup. Samer Khouzami Cosmetics was the outcome of his unbridled desire, which drove him to aim for the stars and follow his passion.

Samer Khouzami Biography

Lebanese makeup artist Samer Khouzami is renowned for his astounding transformations. He has a very uncommon talent—the ability to see the beauty in every sight and experience.

He aims to obtain experience in the design industry while working toward a degree in graphic design. Despite being raised in a conventional home, he overcame obstacles to entering the large makeup industry.

He gained an appreciation for eternal beauty due to his strong mother-admiration and bond. In addition, he transformed ladies worldwide by using makeup’s transformative potential as his art.

Samer Khouzami’s Estimated Net Worth

The public is unaware of Samer Khouzami’s or his business’s net worth. But based on his accomplishments, he must be extremely wealthy.

His company, “Samer Khouzami cosmetics,” is made up of determined scientists making their mark on the beauty business with their innovative procedures. The businessman works closely with the cosmetic chemists for hours, blending pigments with the help of knowledgeable cosmetics scientists to produce a new hue and quality.

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His products are paraben-free, vegan, and consistent with US and EU regulations. He employs cutting-edge machinery for liquid and creme filling, powder pressing, loose powder filling, lipstick molding, and tube filling and sealing.

“To empower individuals with the best cosmetic innovation embracing quality, efficacy, and safety,” is the company’s stated objective.

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