They’ve been married for 25 years, and on January 18, 2023, Maggie Dent and Steve will celebrate their anniversary. Maggie and her husband, Steve, have established a pleasant life in New South Wales.

Maggie spent her early years in the Western Australian town of Wandering. She’s a novelist now, but she grew up working on farms.

She found great motivation in tending to animals and living off the land. A Western Australian institution awarded her a Bachelor of Education and Counseling degree.

She became an educator and therapist once she completed her coursework. She has become one of Australia’s most famous writers and life coaches.

A happy couple of her and Steve. Steve, who turned one on September 27, 2015, is a product manager and logistics officer for an organization in Australia.

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Maggie Dent’s Husband, Steve Dent

Steve Dent is Maggie’s spouse of 25 years. The happy pair celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on January 18, 2023. The two enjoyed a romantic dinner together at a fancy restaurant.

Together with her hubby, she has a beautiful existence. In a handwritten message, she told Steve on his 60th birthday that she thinks he’s the best spouse ever.

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Steve has been an excellent stepfather, serving as her go-to chef, driver, product manager, logistics chief, and companion.

She said how fortunate she is to have Steve as a partner and closest friend and how much he encourages her in all her endeavors. Maggie had been married to Steve before. She has four children from her previous marriage.

Know More About Maggie Dent

Author Maggie Dent is revered for her no-nonsense approach to raising children. With 15 books under her belt, she is an expert in parenting.

How to Reconnect with Your Children and Regain Your Sanity as a Parent Birth-8 (2014), (2014), Keeping Our Teens Alive: Helping Today’s Teens Navigate the Rough Road Ahead, and Building Children’s Resilience: Crucial Advice for Parents From infancy to adolescence, girls: giving them a voice from the start (2022) and beyond.

In her line of business, she gives parents tips on fostering healthy development in their kids. She’s very into the whole childhood and adolescence thing. She promotes play-based education for young children in Australia in a similar vein.

She had backgrounds not only in literature but also in suicide prevention, counseling, teaching, palliative care, and the funeral industry. She fights for the well-being of children and offers support to troubled families.

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She also leads and talks at events in Australia centered on parenting. She is well-known in the podcasting community for her role as presenter of the ABC Channel show “Parental As Anything.”

In addition, she has been a guest on a wide variety of other radio and television programs. She also uses social media frequently. Through her online profiles, she gives forth valuable data.

She has over 3,000 Twitter followers and over 915,000 Instagram followers as of this writing. She has amassed 10.8K subscribers on her own YouTube channel. She is similarly committed to helping others.

Her favorite shopping places include Bold Park Community School in Perth, Peel Youth Services in Mandurah, and the Western Australia Association of Teacher Assistants (WAATA).

In addition, she promotes the causes of the Telethon Kida Institute, The Hills Women’s Shelter, and the Smiling Mind meditation app through her role as an ambassador.

Maggie Lives In New South Wales With Her Family

Maggie Dent calls New South Wales home with her partner and two boys. She moved to New South Wales, Australia, with her husband Steve after they married, and the two had a wonderful, prosperous life there.

She has four boys from a previous marriage, all of whom she adores. Her kids are all grown up and starting families of their own.

Maggie currently has several grandchildren. They had a wonderful time with the pair. To his stepsons, Steve has always been a kind father.

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