Youngsters Ban, Lynn London inhabitant Sebastian Kain is a student. One son is the only child Lynn Ban and her husband, Jett Kain, have.

Singaporean jewellery designer Ban is well-known. She debuted her first collection in 2011, attracting the interest of upscale stores and famous stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Before entering the jewellery industry, the designer, renowned for her distinctive sense of style, first achieved success in the haute couture industry.

She creates unique jewellery by fusing her dreams and creativity.

Ban borrows from Pop Art, Bauhaus, and ancient armour while combining priceless materials with precious stones.

Many famous personalities, including Taylor Swift, Madonna, Kate Moss, Beyonce, and many others, frequently wear her jewellery.

She is now getting attention because of her big part in Bling Empire: New York. The Asian American millionaires who reside in New York City are the subject of the spin-off series.

Lynn Ban
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Lynn Ban Son Of Sebastian Kain

Sebastian Kain, the son of Lynn Ban, was born in March 2008. He attends a boarding school in London, England, where he is 14 years old.

Sebastian’s parents, the Bling Empire actress and her spouse Jett Kain, are single. The jeweller calls her little son Seb frequently.

As shown in her Instagram postings, she travels with her little child.

He likes taking trips with his mother and has already visited some stunning nations, such as India, Italy, and Bhutan. Seb and his grandmother Patricia had a terrific time last year at COMO Beach Club in Canggu, Bali.

The small youngster, his mother, and his grandparents travelled to Bali in July 2018.

His grandmother uploaded a joyful Instagram photo of the group having fun at Nunung Waterfall, Indonesia, on July 24, 2018.

The group travelled to Bhutan in December 2018. The fashion icon and her mother posted stunning photos from their wonderful journey to the nation. They visited Punakha, the Royal Temple, and Rinpung Dzong.

In more detail, the group visited India in March 2015 and had a terrific experience, according to their travel journals. They took part in amazing adventures, such as a safari in Rajasthan and visited Agra’s famed Taj Mahal.

Seb is good friends with the Barbadian diva; they are almost best friends.

On September 7, 2018, the seasoned pro in the fashion business posted a small Instagram video of her meeting Rihanna and the singer holding the infant.

Additionally, Ban and her child saw Jeremy Scott Foster perform admirably in February 2016. Known South Korean rapper CL joined the mother-and-son team.

Lynn Ban Son: Sebastian Kain Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents

David and Patricia Ban gave birth to Lynn Ban in Singapore. When the family relocated to New York, she had just turned four. Sebastian Kain Wikipedia is still not mentioned.

There, she attended a business school. Due to his work, her father frequently travelled to new cities.

They moved to Hong Kong for a while before coming back to Singapore when she was ten and wanted to attend high school.

She was included in Bling Empire because she currently resides in New York. But she does travel to Singapore frequently to see her relatives.

Ban stated that she is “still very much Singaporean” in an interview with Prestige Singapore in 2018.

She exclaimed, “I’m incredibly pleased with my Singaporean passport.” She said she and her parents are very close and eagerly anticipate their yearly trip to Singapore.

Real estate tycoon David He developed the Japanese eatery Genki Sushi in Singapore and Hong Kong, and he is the proprietor of it.

The New York jeweller likewise started the franchise. However, it was later sold when the 9-11 attacks damaged the local store.

She contends that frequent moving and travelling have broadened her horizons and provided her with invaluable business skills.

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The dynamic Kuala Lumpur developer Venus Assets, the proprietor of the Four Seasons Place in Malaysia, employs her father as executive director. David oversees Excelfin Pre Ltd. as managing director as well.

He is in charge of NSL Ltd.’s executive committee and the board of Jacob Ballas India. David has been a friend and business associate of Ong Beng Seng since 1980.

The Gemological Institute of America awarded Patricia its gemologist certificate (GIA). While supporting her daughter’s interest in fashion, she studied fashion design.

Lynn remembers as a little child fiddling with her mother’s jewels. “I had a highly stylish mom, and she really pampered me and nurtured my love of fashion,” she told 10 Magazine.

She used to see her mother get ready before going to the supermarket when she was younger.

Along with visiting several departments and Goodwill donation stores, the mother and daughter search for vintage clothing together.

She has 1,295 Instagram followers and 731 posts under the handle @hotpatban. Patricia routinely posts lovely photos of her husband, daughter, and grandson on the website.

Detail On Lynn Ban Married Life

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Lynn, a successful jewellery designer, married Jett Kain for 27 years.

Ban and Jett are claimed to have met for the first time during a New Year’s Eve celebration in 1994. Ban was still a college student at the time.

He still remembers her dancing in a short skirt and high heels when he first met her.

Unaware that the stylist had given him the incorrect number, he wasted no time asking for her number. However, fate had other ideas for them, and the two ran into one another once more a few months later at a friend’s dinner.

This time, his overt efforts were well received by the fashion icon. Despite their inherent cultural differences, they started dating in front of others.

After some time, they got married in front of friends and family.

Soon after getting married, they started a business together, starting with the opening of her father’s Genki Sushi franchise in the US.

They ultimately launched other aspects as a result of this. They later unveiled Lynn Ban Jewelry.

Former MTV reporter and producer Kain focuses mostly on marketing and public relations for the diamond industry. He manages all covert activities to raise the company’s profile and works on its artistic aspect.

Kain claimed employment in Los Angeles in a recent episode of the Netflix series. Ban did get unhappy, but only because Jett thought his supporting wife would leave New York.

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