Lucas Dauner is one of the biggest tattoo artist in the world ( Letteverein )

There is a 100% probability that you will find one of Lucas Dauner’s pieces if you search for tattoos on Pinterest. German tattoo artist Lucas Dauner uses the adjectives “clean” and “simple” to characterize his work style.

One of the most sought-after tattoos in the world right now is the work of a seasoned tattoo artist, but according to the Atelier’s website, the bookings that had just opened are currently closed.

So who is this famous German tattoo artist that people are eager to get an appointment with?

Who Is Lucas Dauner? His Wikipedia Explored

German tattoo artist Lucas Dauner is employed at the tattoo parlor Atelier Dauner in Germany.

Lucas’s profile isn’t extensive online, but he lets his art speak for itself. He has a large following that is simply in awe of his skill.

All around the nation, Dauner’s tattoo is regarded as having a high recognition value. One of Berlin, Germany’s largest and most renowned tattoo parlors, is called Atelier Dauner.

Lucas won the coveted prize in 2017 for the best graphic design ( Letteverein )

Lucas co-owns a tattoo parlor in the nation’s middle with his employee Melissa.

The tattoo artist has kept his personal information off the internet, but people who have had tattoos done by him have nothing but admiration for his modest demeanor.

For his work “Dr. Renaud,” Lucas was awarded the Lette Design Award by Schindler in 2017 in the best graphic design and audience categories.

Ischtar Isik, a well-known German YouTuber, has a series of videos in which she discusses and designs with Lucas, who then demonstrates to Ischtar how the finished product would look.

Lucas Dauner Tattoos: His Inspiration And Their Meaning

In an interview with Inside Out, Lucas discussed one of his tattoos and said, “At the moment it’s this fox tattoo, but as I continue to evolve, it’s always changing.”

Lucas’s tattoos range from essential touches like a black dot to pictures of animals and plants. He also creates dreamlike patterns and delicate, subtle lines.

Lucas’s work are considered to best in his country Germany and he has admirers all over the world ( Pinterest )

Many have noted that the German’s tattoo has depth, and the designs he prints appear to blend into their background.

His tattoos are short and to the point and often modest and expertly sculpted. The work of Dauner is subtle. His art portrays progress, unlike elaborate tattoos, which sometimes have overt messages.

Most clients Lucas works with acquiring tattoos to honor their loved ones. They act respectfully toward the departed.

Does Lucas Dauner Have Instagram?

Instagram users may find Lucas Dauner there under the handle @lucas.dauner.

The majority of Lucas Dauner’s bookings come from the promotion on his social media accounts, where he has a sizable following of 70k.

The tattoo parlor Lucas works at Atelier Dauner and has an Instagram account with the handle @atelier.dauner. They often upload Lucas and Melissa’s work there, and it has a 14.2k follower base.

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