Love On The Sidelines Filmed Locations Revealed

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was the location for filming Love On The Sidelines. The shoot happened between October and November 2015.

The film takes a unique approach to the romantic comedy genre by having a failing fashion designer work as a personal assistant for Danny, a quarterback who is out of commission due to an injury.

Emily Kinne portrays Laurel, the assistant of a star player who is wounded but who has no football knowledge whatsoever.

This bargain and subsequent alliance are key to the action in the film. The picture takes a more sentimental tone when they develop feelings for one another.

The pair has a pleasant, easygoing vibe that audiences may enjoy with their loved ones while munching on popcorn.

A charming film that illustrates the cliche of “opposites attract” between the worlds of fashion and football.

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Places Love On The Sidelines Was Filmed

Canada’s Vancouver served as the setting for Love On The Sidelines. The premiere was on January 16th, 2016.

The film’s most memorable sequence involves a bird’s-eye perspective of BC Place Stadium. The scene occurs in a parking lot after football practice, and the characters are seen there.

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Langley, Pitt Meadows, and one of Canada’s most stunning stadiums, Thunderbird Stadium, appear in the film’s promotional video.

Vancouver In Canada

With its breathtaking vistas around every turn, Vancouver is a popular choice among Canadian filmmakers for location shooting.

The city is sometimes called “Hollywood North” because of the large amount of television and film production there.

As it can be easily transformed into any global location, it is frequently used as a stand-in for other cities. Vancouver served as the backdrop for the majority of the film’s scenes.

Emily, the film’s protagonist, tweeted while in Vancouver for production that she was enjoying the laid-back lifestyle.

Langley As Danny’s House

Danny’s residence in Langley ensures viewers won’t have to imagine the town. High Point Equestrian Estates is where the movie version of his home is located.

Several spectacular homes and buildings in the region are ideal for usage as film locations. There are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in the house, as reported by Property Insight.

The actors put the furniture in the movie to make it look more natural and luxurious.

Thunderbird Stadium

Pictures of the actual football practice and Laurel and a security guard locating the players in the corridor are shown.

If a movie is about a football player, the audience would naturally want to see the best stadium in Canada.
The stadium is in a region frequented by the University of British Columbia students.

BC Place Stadium

In the opening sequence, we see Danny training at the stadium from above in an aerial establishing shot before football practice and again in the parking lot afterwards.

Summary Of The Movie

In this romance film, Emily Kinney and John Reardon play opposites with a touch of humour. The plot begins when Emily, who wants to be a fashion designer but knows nothing about football, takes a job as an assistant to professional football player Danny.

He is a good quarterback in the NFL, but he hurt his foot recently. Both his outlook and performance suffered as a result of his injuries.

Laurel’s professional life is in disarray, and she wants a job desperately. Because of her new roommate, she can hire a personal assistant to help her out.

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In the film’s opening scenes, we see the two working together. He would rather have a man as an assistant, and he did not appreciate it when Laurel showed up at his house to do her job.

What made matters worse was that she knew nothing about football. They initially dislike each other, but after working together for a while, they develop romantic feelings for one another, adding a twist and some comedic relief for the audience.

Emily Kinney Played As Laurel

The movie’s star-studded ensemble is a big reason for its success at the box office. She is an American actress and singer best known for portraying Laurel in the film love on the Sideline.

Emily portrays an assistant to a professional football player. In the film, she is depicted as someone who wants to be a fashion designer but needs to work as an assistant to make ends meet.

As a native Nebraskan, Kinney’s enthusiasm for music is palpable in her songs. Listeners praised her 2013 album, Expired love. According to her, the album is autobiographical, detailing her life experiences.

John Reardon Played As Danny

The name John Reardon is now synonymous with the terms “dynamic” and “comprehensive” in the context of the film business. Something that most artists can only dream of accomplishing.

At Mount Allison University, he was a standout football player. Hollywood quickly noticed him because of his classic good looks and muscular physique.

With his background as a collegiate quarterback, he was cast in the film Love on the Sideline. Even though he first dislikes his helper, he falls in love with her throughout the film.

Other Cast Members Of The Movie

  • Gina, played by Hayley Sales
  • Patience “Shawn” Sabongui, and Luisa “Patty” d’Oliveira
  • Ron Lucas, played by Victor Zinck Jr.
  • Elliot, played by James Kirk
  • A Team Physician, Elliot Easton
  • Starring Jason Schombing as Ned Banks
  • As Trina Amsterdam, Marci T. House
  • Drew, played by Andrew Gillingham
  • Characterization of Lee Tichon as a Rough and Ready Young Man
  • Ashley starring Diana Morris as Hunter St. James

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