Love During Lockup Season 2 Cast, Release Date & Time

A fresh bunch of prisoners and hopeless romantics are introduced in the Love During Lockup season 2 trailer. During the previous season, fans first learned about a brand-new Love After Lockup spinoff.

For the first time ever, viewers may see prisoners dating other prisoners while they are still behind bars. In the original Love After Lockup, the hopeful spouse that the pair is trying to start a life with follows along with couples anticipating an inmate’s release from jail. Life After Lockup comes after a prisoner has been released and has become adjusted to life outside.

Season two follows four new couples, an eager bachelor and a recurring singleton who can’t resist the temptation of paramours in jail.


What Is Love During Lockup About? 

Love During Lockup examines the intriguing drama that develops when regular people decide to date prisoners for the first time and run into a challenging first phase of dating.

Couples in the Love During Lockup program deal with long-distance relationships while incarcerated. One partner is on the outside and longs for the time they will be able to touch their spouse physically.


The convicts pass the time by writing love letters, spending money on phone calls, and having video visits while their future remains uncertain.

Lonely non-cons and ‘hot’ convicts try to continue their romance with snail mail letters, overpriced phone calls, and expensive texts while dealing with the grief and aggravation of the unreliable prison system.

The Love During Lockup Season 2 Cast

Melissa came across some prisoner letters while working as a mail courier one day, and she had given up on finding her prince charming.

She consequently discovered an unexpected jail letter friend of her own in the person of Louie, her old high school sweetheart. Despite the fact that they had previously crossed paths, Melissa knew she had to take the opportunity to reunite them because they had been going in different directions.

She is compelled to join a group of jail wives because of loneliness, her father’s unwillingness to be her bridesmaid, and the general hostility of her noisy family.

Louie and Melissa are still very much in love, and Melissa is determined to move to Georgia to be with him permanently.


Chelsea, who was experiencing loneliness, discovered a Facebook inmate pen pal group, and there she met Michael. Michael began to educate himself in ASL in order to connect with Chelsea.

No guy ever tried this before because Chelsea is deaf. They’ve only been able to interact via 30-second videograms and letters, but she thinks an impending visit to the prison will offer them the chance to actually meet and sign in person.

Will Michael’s surprising personal information revealed on their first meeting cause their relationship to end? The start of the season will reveal this.

Love During Lockup Season 2 Release Date & Time

On October 21, 2022, Love During Lockup’s second season will premiere. There will be brand-new, 60-minute episodes of the show broadcast every Friday.

Emily tries to con Daura, Tai, and Hottie as she talks about their relationship aspirations and Jessica’s past before she became linked with Dustin.

The show is shown on We TV at 9:00 PM ET and 8:00 PM CT. The show is also available on the We TV website for those who like to view it later.

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