Louis Tomlinson New Girlfriend: Find Their Relationship And Dating History

Sofie Nyvang, Louis Tomlinson’s current girlfriend, is 22 years old. Both Louis and Sofia have a 9-year age gap between them.

The English musician formerly performed with the boy band One Direction. He used to be a TV drama actor until he decided to pursue a career in musical theater.

Tomlinson and two of his siblings appeared in Fat Friends, and he had a brief appearance in the ITV drama film If I Had You.

His popularity skyrocketed as he tried out for The X Factor in 2010. As a solo artist, his run lasted briefly before being booted.

A few years later, though, he was picked to be one of the four members of One Direction, a boy band that would become one of the best-selling boy bands ever in history.

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Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend, Sofie Nyvang

Sofie Nyvang, Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, is a 22-year-old model and social media star from Denmark. When Sofie was born in 2001, it was in the middle of July.

The internet has exploded with excitement at the news of her connection with Louis, and she now has over 37,000 followers on Instagram.

She is a social media sensation with more than 9,000 TikTok fans. She has used her social media platforms to promote various businesses and items for compensation.

Despite being a Los Angeles native, she has a Danish flag on her Instagram bio. Her modeling career took her from her birthplace of Copenhagen to New York City.

Between 2016 and 2019, she attended Copenhagen, Denmark’s Niels Brock International High School. In September 2020, after finishing high school, she enrolled in Copenhagen Business School.

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Nyvang has a background in both business and service management. Yet, she decided to switch careers after schooling and became a model instead.

Tomlinson just ended his relationship, and this is the first time he has been spotted with a new girlfriend.

While Louis’ recent solo world tour may have impacted their relationship, a source informed The Sun last month that the two had split up because of it.

It appears that Louis and his new girlfriend will embark on their second overseas journey together in March.

Louis Tomlinson And Sofie Are Public About Their Relationship

After Louis Tomlinson allegedly broke up with Eleanor Calder in January, he was spotted holding hands with Sofie Nyvang.

The two were spotted strolling around Los Angeles, smiling and laughing together as they held hands.

He just finished recording his second solo album, Faith in the Future, so he’s taking a much-needed vacation in the United States.

Louis and Sofie’s first coffee shop date seemed a massive success as they strolled about the city. The singer donned a baggy T-shirt with loose white chinos, while the model wore a similar combat pants outfit.

Siren Agency in Los Angeles is her Los Angeles-based representative. The Agency is a comprehensive, non-exclusive talent agency situated in Los Angeles.

Lifestyle and fitness-related content is often shared on Nyvang’s social media platforms. This includes a TikTok video documenting her morning ritual.

A Look At Louis Tomlinson’s Love Life

Louis Tomlinson’s love life is nothing new to the public. His famous girlfriend is Eleanor Calder.

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Returning to their days in one Direction, 2011 marks their seventh year together. She accompanied him on all his international trips while in boy bands.

Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Calder

In 2011, they were initially sighted together, and in 2013, their relationship was verified through a social media post.

They’ve been in several images together since then, all of which have now been erased from their Instagram accounts.

In March 2015, the pair broke up because of miscommunication. Though they split up again in January 2023, they reconciled in 2017.

Louis Tomlinson And Danielle Campbell

In November 2015, things between Louis and Danielle began to heat up.

After initially keeping their romance under wraps, Louis ultimately posted photos of himself with the actress on Instagram to declare his undying devotion.

After that December report, the couple remained together for the rest of 2016.

Louis Tomlinson And Briana Jungwirth

In May 2015, X Factor participant Louis and Briana had a short romance after being set up by mutual acquaintances.

After Louis’s separation from longtime partner Eleanor Calder and Briana’s pregnancy announcement in the autumn of 2015, the two began dating.

Briana and Louis were at the center of the odd conspiracy notion that Freddie was a “doll” and the singer had faked parenthood.

Fans of One Direction have speculated that the pregnancy is an elaborate ploy to debunk the long-standing rumor that Louis is dating Harry Styles, a band member.

Louis Tomlinson And Hannah Walker

It has been stated that Louis dated Hannah before becoming famous as a One Direction member.

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