Lota Cheek
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As Twitter has been overrun with breathtaking images of Lota Cheek, many people have expressed a want to learn more about her; thus, we have made an effort to compile some information.

Cheek, a former beauty queen, actress, model, and music instructor, gained notoriety when she wed Tyrell Davis, a British film actor with a Cambridge education who was previously married.

The beauty queen performed on stage in New York as an actor while she was with Tyrell. She married David Sanders and began living a low life in Alabama after being divorced from the actor.

Lota Cheek Wikipedia Bio

Late American beauty queen Lota Cheek won the title of America’s prettiest girl in 1921. Various online sources claim that she was also the victor of the NYC 1922 beauty pageant.

She also taught music and was a well-known actor in New York City who appeared as Lota Sanders in four Broadway productions. One of the YouTubers, Lornicopia, who she believes to be her cousin, gave this information.

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We believe it might be her because the IBDB page lists her credits for Broadway performances from the 1920s through the 1930s with the same name. The films Cafe, The Man from Toronto, Simon Called Peter, and That Awful Mrs. Eaton are included among the credits.

But according to a source, the beauty queen and Tyrell Davis/Harry Davis were embroiled in a controversial divorce in 1922 since her husband had wed someone else. She wedded in 1925 and adopted David Sanders as her new name.

Cause Of Lota Cheek Death

There is little information accessible concerning Lota’s cause of death because she has been dead for a long time and the internet was not yet invented.

Cheek might have passed away naturally or she might have succumbed to an unidentified ailment. Furthermore, it is unknown how long she lived her lovely life.

The beauty queen lived in Alabama during World War II and passed away in California for an unidentified reason, according to the YouTuber Lornicopia. She is also a direct descendant of William Martian Cheek, a South Carolina-based Revolutionary War soldier. And in the late 1890s, she was one of the kids raised by Georgia farmer Leon Cheek.

She last appeared in the Colgate advertisement, but after that, she and her husband had a happy and satisfied life in Alabama, away from the spotlight. Lota has a few films outlining some of her characteristics that were made by Lornicopia, who considers himself one of her cousins. Visit his YouTube account to find out more about the late actress.

Why Is Lota Cheek Going Viral Online?

Lota is very popular on social media as a result of one of the numerous stunning photos of her that have surfaced in recent years, which stunned the internet and everyone else with how amazing she looked.

People have shared her photos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as making Youtube videos about her because of her stunning smile and amazing features with long hair.

Even after all these years, everyone has been transfixed by a single image of Cheek that is thought to have been captured by George Maillard Kesslere in or around 1923. Even though the beauty queen has passed away, we will continue to pray for her and honor her for her accomplishments in the 1920s.

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