NYC 1922 Beauty Contest Winner: Lota Cheek

Pictures of Lota Cheek, an American actress, and past beauty pageant champion, are starting to circulate online.

Cheek stood for beauty, and 99 years later, new pictures of her were uploaded to the internet. Many people have praised her attractiveness, but they are shocked when they see older picture shoots of her.

In the past, Lota Cheek was recognized as America’s most beautiful woman. The actress was gifted with great talent and had the most stunning physical attributes.

NYC 1922 Beauty Contest Winner: Lota Cheek Bio

Early 1920s performer Lota Cheek appeared in the renowned Earl Carroll’s Vanities extravaganza in New York City.

In 1921, she triumphed in a beauty contest and was named America’s loveliest girl.

Several magazines and news outlets have publicized the story asserting Lota Cheek is her real name, even though most of her admirers believe she goes by a different name.

She smiled and fixed her gaze on the photograph in the newspaper ad. Cheek’s beauty never fails to astound onlookers.

Lota Cheek Wikipedia

On Wikipedia, Lota Cheek doesn’t have a page. She was, nevertheless, a well-known beauty icon in her era.

After winning the title of America’s most beautiful woman, her acting career took off, and it didn’t take long to become a well-known personality in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her career, Lota worked as a model for numerous companies, including Colgate. Because of her clean, white teeth, she served as a model for Colgate.

Lota Cheek Death Cause

Both Lota Cheek’s age at death and the reason for their death are still unknown.

Nothing is known about her personal life outside of the moments she was working at her finest. As a result, the intricacies of her present existence are still a mystery.

However, since the evidence does not support Lota’s death, it is conceivable that she passed away naturally.

Lota Cheek Husband And Relationship

Numerous online sites claim that Lota Cheek was married at least four times throughout her life.

She married Robert Platt Stout in Alabama in 1916. But ultimately, the couple decided to call it quits and divorce.

Lotta learned that F.L. Seimmons had not divorced his ex-wife despite marrying Lotta, which made their divorce difficult.

The divorce, one of Lota’s era’s most talked-about celebrity scandals, increased her notoriety. The two of them later divorced when she later married Mr. Sanders.

Then, in 1924, Lota married British actor Harry Tyrell Davis in Manhattan. While performing at the time on Broadway, the couple became friends.

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