Lorraine Kelly Surgery, Horse Riding Accident: Find What Happened To Her?

Lorraine Kelly surgery and horse riding accident

The Scottish Journalist gained all attention in January this year after she opened up about her fear of altering looks with Botox or filler. Know More On Lorraine Kelly Surgery.

Kelly gained the public eye after surviving a horrific horse accident in 2012. Unfortunately, the famous Journalist fell from a horse and was trampled during a training event.

Fortunately, she survived the terrifying accident but underwent emergency surgery in February 2012. Kelly revealed her decade-ago tragedy again in May 2022.

Legit sources claim that the Journalist fought bravely and recovered quickly after facing a near-to-death situation. But she is still terrified about her accident.

Famous Scottish Journalist Lorraine Kelly started presenting television shows, including her work on ITV, a British public broadcast television network.

But in October 2022, she halted and took a break from her daytime job at ITV. People notice Kelly for her strong accent and twittering personality.

The known Journalist has gained fame and fortune from her long and glorious career.

Presenting an exciting fact about the Scottish Journalist — Sadly, Lorraine Kelly took a leave from her self-titled hit ITV show.

Many people wonder about her new destination as her leave announcement was quite unexpected.

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Lorraine Kelly Surgery Update

Former ITV famous presenter Lorraine Kelly caught a near-to-death situation after falling from a horse and being trampled by the same horse. The tragedy took place a decade ago from now, in 2012.

Fortunately, Kelly was rushed into an emergency surgery room after the accident.
Lorraine Kelly surgery

Television presenter Lorraine Kelly underwent surgery following her horse riding accident. (Source: Express)
Although she became afraid of horse riding, she found herself lucky to have a second chance.

According to the medical team, she had been heavily injured after falling off the horse. She underwent emergency surgery in February 2012.

Moreover, the Scottish television presenter revealed her other fears, including her Botox or filler fear. She revealed that she is scared to have filler or Botox because it could cosmetically alter her looks.

Perhaps, Kelly likes to keep it more natural. However, she underwent micro-needling surgery.

The minimally invasive cosmetic procedure treats the skin via collagen production. This means Kelly voluntarily agreed to prickle her skin with tiny sterilized needles.

After revealing her secret surgery, Lorraine, 62, claimed to look a bit younger, which most would totally agree with.

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Know On Kelly’s Horse Riding Accident: What Happened To Her?

Scottish Journalist Lorraine Kelly met a serious horse riding accident a decade ago in 2012 following her horror fall from a horse.
Lorraine Kelly horse riding accident

ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly had a terrible horse-riding accident in 2012. (Source: Daily Express)
The ITV presenter badly injured parts of her body parts. Also, she underwent emergency surgery in the process.

Kelly fell from a horse during a training event. A horse trampled her in the horrific accident.

She was trying to attempt a jump but failed miserably, which then stamped on her thigh following her fall from the horse.

She almost became 10% wounded after the incident. Kelly was rushed into an emergency surgical room for treatment.

Yes, the brave television personality finds herself lucky for suffering less severe injuries. She feels fortunate for her second chance but is scared to death after her horse riding accident.

Moreover, Kelly has developed a new fear of horses since the incident. After pulling through a horrific fall and being trampled by a horse, she says:
I was much more emotional than I imagined it would be. I wouldn’t have done it without Sir Lee who gave me confidence throughout the healing journey.
Fortunately, Kelly’s healing process was quick, and Sir Lee boosted her recovery journey. She credited Lee for his strong mental strength helping her gain confidence.

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