Lorna Santiago Murder: Where Is Michael Lenahan Now? His Wife And Case Update In 2022
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The Herald Sun reports that Michael Lenahan will serve out his entire prison term for the 2007 murder of 24-year-old Lorna Santiago in an apartment in Manhattan, New York.

In Manhattan, drug-dependent Lenahan acknowledged that he was “not a flawless guy, but I am a kind person.”

Lenahan spent two days researching sadomasochism and how to preserve bodies after killing Santiago, the prosecution claims, while also using her credit card to buy alcohol.

According to the report, Lenahan claimed that she had been accidentally choked to death by police and that he had only intervened to stop her from cursing and hitting him during a subsequent confrontation. Lenahan, according to the defense, persisted in committing crimes.

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Where Is Michael Lenahan Now?

Michael Lenahan is still missing as of right now. No recent updates have mentioned his circumstances. It’s almost as though he disappeared without a trace.

He was charged with killing his date, Lorna, on October 22, 2007, and keeping her body in his home for three days.

Michael Lenahan is 43 years old, although he hasn’t yet been profiled on Wikipedia. Given that he turned 31 in 2010, his age was calculated.

There won’t be much information on Chinese national Michael as long as he stays underground.

Michael Lenahan Wife Details

Michael Lenahan must be single at this time. However, he kept his marital status and dating background a secret. Unlike others, he avoided the spotlight and kept his private life a mystery.

He went out to supper with Lorna before choking her. Therefore, he wasn’t married.

Michael Lenahan Case Update 2022

Michael Lenahan strangled his dinner partner and then left her body to rot. On Tuesday, a judge declared jobless artist Michael guilty of murder in Lorna’s strangulation.

Three days after she passed away in October 2007, the latter’s decaying body was found in his Chinatown flat.

Rick Santiago, Lorna’s older brother, sobbed and stated, “For a minute, we believed we were all together again,” as soon as the verdict was read aloud in court.

Santiago went to the trial with his father despite claiming that his mother, Marta, was too upset to go. After finding his sister dead, Lenahan’s mother called 911.

Lenahan, the prosecution claims, looked at a webpage about conserving decaying remains while she lay dead on his bed and searched the web for porn while doing so.

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